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Joint Trimdons Regeneration Partnership
Minutes and records from their meetings  January 2007 – July 2009 are still available in the old website format – not optimised for mobiles or tablets and are not included in the Search function. Click the link below.
JTRC Minutes etc.

Copies of The Trimdon Messenger are also still in our archives 🙂 – click the link below. These are images from the original publication and are not included in the Search function. Not optimised for mobiles or tablets.
The Trimdon Messenger

Doves, Pigeons & Masonry Bees
A local history publication by Adam Luke. This is a remnant from the old website and included in the Search function, some links may not work, and also not optimised for mobiles or tablets
Doves, Pigeons & Masonry Bees





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