PACT priorities 6th February 2010

Dog Fouling has been set as one of the Trimdon Station, PACT priorities set until 4th March 2010. It has been reported that Dog Fouling is a problem in the following areas; May Crescent Estate, Foundry area and Station Road area, footpath leading from the Post Office towards Trimdon Colliery. The County Council are asking for help in targeting those responsible and aiding in action to improve the problem.

Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environments Act 2005, Section 59 it is an offence if a dog walker fails to clean up when their dog fouls on land open to the public. Any information you have to an offenders in your area would be appreciated such as time of offence, description or name of offender and address if known.

Reports can be made in confidence to Envirocall on 0191 5275040 and this number may also be used to arrange clean ups on public land.

If you are a dog walker who commits such an offence and fails to clean up after your dog you maybe punishable by a fine of up to £1000 or a council officer may issue you with a fixed penalty ticket of £80.00 to avoid a court prosecution. However persistent offenders may be taken to court without being offered a fixed penalty notice.

If a dog is allowed to stray and foul in the area then the dog may be seized and kennelling costs may apply.

The MESSAGE is do not allow your dog to foul in a public place and always carry a bag and clean up after it.

Please note that the next Trimdon PACT will be held at the Community Centre at 5.30pm on Thursday 4th March 2010.


Operation Rhonda 2009 was raised by police following a public meeting regarding Anti-Social Behaviour in and around the Station Road area of Trimdon Station in September 2009.(covered by PeterTrenwick for the Hartlepool Mail)

Since this time Durham Police have worked in partnership with other agencies and the local community to address the communities concerns. This includes:-

Increased visibility patrols with over 202 hours of patrol time committed to the area, by police, community support officers and wardens.
A public meeting was held to discuss youth provision within the local area, which has subsequently led to more youth clubs nights and more planned for the future.(*See below)
Private landlords have been encouraged to join the Council initiative of Private Landlord Accreditation Scheme
A confidential reporting box has been installed in the local Post Office, to encourage the community to report or raise any concerns they may have
A local youth has been prosecuted within the court system for breaching Anti-Social Behaviour Order and received a community sentence and is currently on an electronic tag until March 2010 .
Environmental street cleaning was tasked to clean and tidy up the general area
Several Traffic forms have been served on local youths in relation to their Anti-Social Behaviour use of their vehicles
Several tenants have been subject to eviction notices from their homes due to Anti-Social Behaviour
PACT (Police And Community Together) meetings arranged –

Quote from beat officer Pc Joanne Godber;

“The proactive multi-agency work in Trimdon Station will continue and initiatives are still ongoing, local residents have offered positive feedback since the commencement of Operation Rhonda and the community themselves have been instrumental in supporting our objectives of reducing and preventing crime and asb in this area.”

If anyone wishes to discuss any issues around Anti-Social Behaviour for this area or any other issues, please contact the following officers:-

PC 1925 Godber
PC 1246 Mellenthin
PCSO 6645 Ramshaw
PCSO 0202 Robson

They can be contacted by phoning the non-emergency Police number 0345 60 60 365, or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Although not a scheduled PACT meeting, Police will be in attendance at the May Crescent coffee mornings on the first Wednesday of each month at 10.30am, and make themselves available should anyone wish to speak to them.

PACT priorities for Trimdon Station are:
1. Antisocial behaviour around Station Road West & St Aidans Terrace, Fri/Sat evenings
2. Antisocial behaviour around the community house on May Crescent and Sycamore Crescent
There is a confidential reporting box, located inside Trimdon Station Post Office, which can be used by anyone who wishes to report anonymously, a note may be placed inside the box without leaving a name or address.


**Trimdon Station Community Centre in partnership with the Police, Youth in Action and Groundwork North East now runs Youth sessions on a Monday 5pm – 7pm and Thursday 6pm – 8pm for young people aged 13 – 19 years and a session on a Thursday for those aged 5 – 12 at 4.30pm – 6pm. We will be also looking to have another session for those aged 5 – 12 after the New Year. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a parent/carer. All the sessions are run by fully qualified staff.