Please use the form at the bottom of the page to record a quick note of any crime, vandalism or other incidents happening in and around Trimdon.

Many minor – sometimes major – incidents are never reported in the local papers or anywhere else.
This leaves residents unaware of what may be happening on their doorstep. Being forewarned may prompt people to take extra care where needed.
No names or contact details are required
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Information is not passed on to anyone else – if you decide to report an incident to Police please use the links below or dial 101.

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Incidents in Trimdon – Burglary, Car Crime, Fire, Accidents etc. — 330 Comments

  1. What’s going on with all these loud cars in Trimdon lately I’ve seen several black focus st black fiesta orange wheels blue fiesta white Subaru gray Subaru white Audi blue corsa red Toyota anyone else find it annoying

  2. I do not wish to give my identification unless it may help police catch whom it was on said:

    At around 12:15 tonight,In Trimdon colliery,Dennis and Joyce Jordan’s shop window was smashed. Previously, it has been smashed by youths. However this occasion, reported 3 people with hoodies up smashed the window in what was described by the police as ”a good job”. The bangs were loud, continuously. There were three loud bangs which rung through Laurel Crescent, before a pause followed by more. A witness then went on to say they ran up round where the newsagents is (was Harpers) up through there.

  3. The man in Sedgefield who said he was attacked by youths told lies he was never attacked he was drunk and fell ..

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