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Many minor – sometimes major – incidents are never reported in the local papers or anywhere else.
This leaves residents unaware of what may be happening on their doorstep. Being forewarned may prompt people to take extra care where needed.
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Incidents in Trimdon – Burglary, Car Crime, Fire, Accidents etc. — 342 Comments

  1. doe’s anyone know of these three little monsters, who are running around on a Wednesday and Thursday night at around 6-30 t0 8-clock.causing trouble.
    one has ginger hair. and the age seems to be 11 or maybe 13 years of age.
    needs to be nipped in the bud, before any real damage is done.

    • Same in sedgefield on Friday and Saturday nights tomato’s stones and cake mixture at windows in wykes close

  2. Police are currently investigating a theft from a vehicle parked in Down Terrace, Trimdon Station, which occurred overnight, the 10th to the 11th. Persons unknown have entered a motor vehicle and stolen from within, discarding some property nearby. The owner believes that other vehicles in the area have also been targetted, but not reported to police.
    If you have CCTV nearby would appreciate a check to see if anything suspicious caught.

  3. Everyone who lives in the Trimdons should take pride in it’s long history , from the iron age through the industrial revolution and the mines. We have one common enemy, the elite who think they own us. We have to stop abusing each other and not be distracted by right wing propaganda. Don’t abuse those with even less or steal from people just struggling to live . Focus on the real problem the elite 1%. Hitting the hard target will bring change, while hitting the 99% just creates more misery.

  4. Fire in Trimdon Colliery on Commercial/Rodwell Street at around 2am in the morning on Friday 16th November. A resident had a brief chat with fireman, not sure if it is suspicious or not. Fire seems to have started in the garage and spread to the car outside of it. Resident heard a large bang just before 2am which may have been the engine compartment exploding as the bonnet was damaged.

  5. Is Trimdon really such a bad place to live? Who is responsible for all this shocking behavior? don’t you have a Neighbourhood Watch? where are the troublesome areas where decent people people should not live? We were thinking of moving to Trimdon, found a lovely house but now very concerned it may not be such a good idea. Please advise us, thank you

    • Hi, where are you considering moving to? Specific Actions have been listed to reduce the ASB. Police know who culprits are. Community action group set up and neighbourhood watch are helping put. Things have quietened down.

      All in all, the community working together has made it much more difficult for the idiots.

      Fishburn and station town (even sedgefield) all have the same issues, much like most villages in the north east.

    • Comments from our Facebook page ( )
      Brian Craggs: Move to station town it’s much nicer
      Elaine Jones Thomas: Lived in trimdon all my life and always been a nice place friendly untill the last few yrs gone downhill
      Raymond Scott: Move to Fishburn instead it’s paradise
      Geraldine Wilson: Don’t be put off moving to Trimdon. Check the area out where your house is and speak to the neighbours to find out exactly. Crime has gone up a bit recently, but to be fair where has it not!
      Julie Slater Hood: Definitely not what it was!
      Vicki Gibbon: I love living in the village
      Sheree Lyons: I moved to Trimdon 5 years ago and I have never experienced and anti social behaviour. I get annoyed at the amount of people that do not use the car park at the coop and just plonk their cars on the road. Turning it into a white knuckle ride. On the whole I like it. X
      Victoria Dobson: We have Neighbourhood watch in Trimdon Grange, I run the one inthe Grange. But since the former Police officer that ran Neighbourhood watch in Sedgefied district retired, we no longer get updates of crimes around the area. I can not publicize incidents if Police fail to inform me, they way they used too I have lived on Trimdon Grange all my life. Yes sadly there are bad residents and families but tou get that everywhere. What we should be doing is getting back ro the community we used to be.
      Matt Cole: Lovely village with a minority of idiots. Plenty community action groups now in place and making a difference.
      Mary Ann Cross: Trimdon is the best place in the world .
      Angela Morris: Lived in trimdon 40 years to a trimdon man good place to bring my children up xx
      Deborah Connor: I’ve lived in Trimdon Village all my life (52 yrs), like everywhere we have a few idiots, overall the village is a good place to live.
      Shammy Sheridan: Doesn’t matter wer u live it’s all mad round here x
      Catriona Miller Frampton: I moved to Trimdon 6 years ago and on the whole it’s a decent place to live. The country side and surrounding area is picturesque and rural while still being close to towns. We’ve lived all over and it’s a place where kids still have some freedom and the trouble is caused by a minority of idiots but that is the same everywhere

    • Certainly check out which Trimdon you are going to. There are idiots in them all but there are some nice streets. I moved out there because I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take having to check 4 times that I had locked the doors and all the windows. If I heard something in the street wondering if my car was on fire. I won’t dent there are good streets but Trimdon isn’t for me anymore

  6. Some idiots flying about on a quad and off road bike hopefully the police won’t be too far behind them

  7. What’s going on with all these loud cars in Trimdon lately I’ve seen several black focus st black fiesta orange wheels blue fiesta white Subaru gray Subaru white Audi blue corsa red Toyota anyone else find it annoying

  8. I do not wish to give my identification unless it may help police catch whom it was on said:

    At around 12:15 tonight,In Trimdon colliery,Dennis and Joyce Jordan’s shop window was smashed. Previously, it has been smashed by youths. However this occasion, reported 3 people with hoodies up smashed the window in what was described by the police as ”a good job”. The bangs were loud, continuously. There were three loud bangs which rung through Laurel Crescent, before a pause followed by more. A witness then went on to say they ran up round where the newsagents is (was Harpers) up through there.

    • Very wise not to move there. I lived there and never known a place like it. Now moved away 6 months ago, it is nightmare place. Best forgotten.

  9. The man in Sedgefield who said he was attacked by youths told lies he was never attacked he was drunk and fell ..

  10. Very positive news on the multy agency walkabout for the station on Friday, involving police, home group, council etc. Particular attention given to utter disgrace most of the properties are in, mainly the residents but home group jointly.

    Let’s see what changes are made hopefully for the better.

    • Like the houses that have been boarded up for over a year? Like the houses east East Durham homes are trying to sell off that keep having windows smashed out? Like the houses with scum who are chucking their old tat in the roads and dead rabbits in people’s recycle bins? Get rid of the culprits and we will have a community again.

      • Agreed. I hope there’s a good clean out. You must complain to both housing associations. Everyday if you have to.

      • He’s been sent down 4 years. 1 more to go and then the rest of the scum family.

  11. Copied from Trimdon Times Facebook page;
    My nieces cat was ripped to bits in their front garden last night in front of her kids!
    Car drove past, saw her cat Lilly in the garden, stopped, shoved the dogs out & set them onto the cat.
    Lilly was savagely attacked to the point where her insides were no longer inside of her. My sister and her children witnessed this! When my sister ran into the garden the car (which had driven off down the lines) then re-appeared and whistled for the dogs to go back.
    Cat is dead, ripped to bits and is in the front garden waiting for the police to come! Apparently they were coming straight out last night but never showed!!
    Dogs were a sandy coloured saluki type & black & brown whippet type, car was silver possibly Passat, Mondeo size.

  12. From the Northern Echo, Tuesday 14th Novmber 2017;

    A MAN has been arrested following an armed operation in County Durham.

    Police confirmed officers were deployed to a number of addresses in the Trimdon area at about 6.30pm on Sunday.

    A police spokesperson said it was “part of a pre-planned arrest of a suspect who was wanted for multiple offences and was thought to be in possession of a firearm”.

    The man was subsequently located and arrested.

  13. Incident at Wood View, apparently car failed to stop Wingate area, when dumped weapons found inside, hence the Police presence. Three Trimdon locals apparently involved.

    • Great they have guns now only a matter of time before someone is killed and what about the children involved they should be taken into care for there own good

  14. The usual family at it again, armed police been all over Trimdon just shoot the bastards end off problem, it would stop half the drugs being sold round here and Wingate with there sister selling coke and k*** selling crack it needs to stop

    • This is total rubbish his sister doesn’t even live at wingate she lives at peterlee. However I do agree that family are nothing but trouble they need to be moved from trimdon so us decent hard-working residents can live without looking over our shoulders . The police are down here every week at the same houses.

      • Has anyone reported them to home group or council? They need evicting quickly. Complain to the council.

  15. Two fires on the green tonight ,not kids they’re young “men” ,a mother of two of them is on fb complaining about lack of police,its your kids doing this shit ,you sort them

  16. On Sat 21 Oct 2017 just before lunch an Irish male about 70 came round the Hardwick Estate Sedgefield offering to jet-wash and seal driveways ,an elderly resident agreed and they were there for about 50 mins and wanted £175,luckily one of his children had been contacted they arrived and challenged them and they did a runner.
    They said they had washed it and sealed it, no sealant was put on,also it needs to dry to apply it.
    I became suspicious when van dropped the equipment off then went ,so there may have been others tricked by them.

    Ford Transit type van , Reg AK 59 ZRT ,White with High-Top ,roof Bars and Extending ladder on roof

    1 elderly male,very thin with grey hair ,rough looking ,wearing High-Vis jacket and he spoke with a heavy Irish accent.

    1 male slim about 5 foot 10 aged mid 20’s to 30.

    1 male tubby about 5 foot 6 aged about 16-17.

  17. >> Comment acknowledged but unfortunately removed 😉 << ENJOY!!!

  18. Another piece of crap and his trials bike taken off the road. Tosser from the station caught and in court tommorrow. Police are saying it’s becoming easier to catch these idiots because people are calling in. Well done all.

    • Copied from Facebook page:-

      Kyle BARNETT of Wood View, Trimdon Station has appeared at court today and has been sentenced to 5 weeks imprisonment in a Young Offender Institute. This is in relation to disqualified driving and other road traffic offences including the use of off-road bikes without insurance or other documentation.

  19. Anyone know the dick in the black fiesta with orange wheel trims that drives like a total cockwomble ? Nearly cleaned my brother out recently.

  20. Just witnessed a stabbing in the village but as I tried to catch the stabber I fell. The criminal was wearing a dark blue tracksuit.
    **Message left here for reference- as we now know it’s imaginary the sender’s IP address has been noted

  21. Drink driver caught in the village today. Concerned residents must have called the police. Another idiot hopefully off the street

  22. *From Sedgefield Police facebook page
    Kyle BARNETT of Wood View, Trimdon Station was charged for driving whilst disqualified and driving with no insurance on 15th September 2017. He was refused bail and placed before South Durham Magistrates court this morning. At court he pleaded not guilty, and the case was adjourned for trial until 4th December.

  23. PACT meeting had a good turn out at the village hall. Obviously the idiots were out to try and intimidate the residents and the police.

    Don’t let these pieces of scum intimidate you. Aim to claim our village back and make the Trimdon a better and safer place for us all. Keep reporting anything you see to tbe police.

  24. 24 year old piece of scum arrested in village for burglaries. Lets hope he gets put away for a decent stretch

  25. K___ B___ driving around in a silver picasso. No license and without a doubt no insurance. Yet he gets away with it.

  26. Police are clamping down now which is great.seen a few in the village Time is up for the scum bags hopefully

  27. Driving down Willow Drive in Trimdon Village last night. A bunch of 12-13 year olds wouldn’t move off the road to let my car past. I was told to “F… off” when I asked them (politely) to move out of the way! Trimdon Village has certainly gone down hill recently.

    • Looks like the criminals are going to continue making peoples lives hell. Everyone needs to call police even for the slightest suspicion that a crime may be committed or if they look to be up to no good.

      • Is it criminals though? Are all these car fires related? Or is it just a bunch of kids doing it for fun.

        • Our known ‘friends’ are well known for setting the cars on fire. If it’s kids then I would say this sort of behaviour is criminal

  28. Some poor woman’s car has been shot at in the village last night. The car is damaged but she’s OK. I hope anyone with information gives it to the police before someone is serously hurt!

  29. Another car fire/arson in the Village! No doubt the B family burning evidence. Never going to stop this until the whole lot are evicted

  30. Out of prison and here we go again with the burglaries around the village. Any one that sees anything remotely suspicious please call the police annonimously on 101

  31. Cars flying about all over trimdon again, now a certain disqualified driver is out of prison!

  32. My mum is yet again been terrorised by the kids who play in the park behind the doctors surgery at Trimdon Colliery. This morning she has woken up to find the remains of a dead bird on her window. The bird has been sliced open and its inners removed before they did this. This is extremely disturbing on so many levels. I have noticed over the last couple of months a hedgehog and two birds that have been cruelly abused and dissected. This is the behaviour of a disturbed person. A very worrying behaviour. The police have yet again been informed and I hope something will be done to deal with this.

    • I have been informed that there is CCTV of the two youths carrying out this vile act.

      • I know several people including myself have CCTV evidence proof of identity of the crimes this piece of thieving scum capital B has committed which all reported to police. Their words they get blamed for to carry on while people have the hard earned valuables took cos apparently its OK.absolute joke.!!!!?

        • Well if they were removed from the area then they can’t get blamed for it all! Make sure you take the officers name and number who are dealing with any incident.

  33. the lot of this joke of a family have caused nothing but shit and misery evil twisted dangerous scum the lot of them.thinking they can get away with thieving arson and causing damage wherever to whoever is not going to happen for long.thick dosile cranks will suffer

  34. The B family at it again..seen last night setting a car on fire in deaf hill and leaving two lurchers in with sheep, which obviously they killed! And stole the farmers two dogs which one was found shaved!

    • Has this been reported to the police? You can do it annonimously. The more information they get the quicker this can be dealt with.

      Speak to Ron Hogg the police commisioner Telephone number:

      0191 3752001

      These vile pieces of crap including all family members need to be removed from the village asap.

      • Yes it was as emergency services had to be called due to car exploding from them setting it on fire

    • The b family are pure scum especially kb and then you got the kids who are little shits with no respect. What do you expect with a family like that

  35. Copied from FB post Monday 29 May

    Please keep an eye on your bairns……tonight at 9.10pm an Asian man, bald, thin face with a hook nose followed two teenage girls up the full length of Dunelm Road from the Fish Shop in what looks to be a new black Mercedes and wound his window down so they were able to describe him. As they got to their house next door to us, he lost sight of them on the bend and drove round up the green and back down Dunelm Road towards our house where he lost sight of them before he had to look towards turning round the sharp bend.
    Their parents came out the front as they were screaming and as the car went past their house, he saw the parents at the front door and it accelerated at high speed causing screeching of the tyres down to the bottom of Dunelm Road out of sight.

    I have the incident on our CCTV and the police will be coming to view it tomorrow. As it’s half term and the bairns will be out playing please please Instill stranger danger.

    Stay safe xx


  36. So the case against CB has been dropped. Expect the local crime rate to soar again

      • Absolutely disgusting! Didn’t he once have an abso from trimdon? I think him, his brother and his dad need one!

  37. Is anyone pig sick of all the litter thrown all over? It’s mainly on the school mornings when the kids are given bottles of pop and pasties for breakfast. No respect for themselves or other resident’s!

    • Wellfield children; (yr7) and an older boy and girl (year 9 and 8) throwing sticks and stones at gardens, doors and cars. School informed but this is still an ongoing issue
      Wellfield pupils the worst. All up Cinnamon drive and along the main roads. No respect but the parents just ignore it Summer is a nightmare on the streets.

      • I know the dirty little b*****d has been going round shooting people’s dogs and people’s Windows. All he is a piece of shit and his nephews next door to him are just as bad

        • This is the mother of them 3 nephews next door keep my kids out of ya made up bullshit try involve these a come down on yous like a tone of bricks they innacent children ort to be ashamed of yaselfs ifu gonna talk about them at least leave ya name ha have a good day

            • Am not hitlers mam get over yaselfs bulling innocent kids cause.of who there dad is all angels aint yas must feel massive picking on 9 7 4 year old get gone

            • BET you’re so proud of your kids then! And your family. Disgusting menances the lot of you and you’re just as bad for allowing them to be thugs and then defend them

          • What chance have your children got when it is clear that you have had no education and no parenting skills. It is never too late to learn

        • Report to the police especially Ron Hogg Telephone number:

          0191 3752001

          You dont have to give your name. Do it annonimously.

          • All the B****ts need moving out.. be a better place to live. All they do is steal and cause uproar in the villages. The little ones are the worst and your just as bad letting them get away with it. All scum.

            • Bullying kids ha ha thats scum ones only 4 a love my kids n will defend them from scum like yous who cant evem leave a name if my kids was in wrong ad say this has nowt to do with them get ova yaselfs cause am going no were have a good day

              • You love your kids? All people hear is you shouting and swearing at them

              • And when your swearing at them I’m pleased I’m not a parent. Imagine having kids with your lot around learning bad things

              • Why should people leave a name? So your scum of a family can put Windows out or set fire to cars. Or beat up old men for pension

            • Their time is coming. Someone else’s turn to be riddled with crime and misery

        • That was not cb I saw the lad who did it and he was not him

  38. warning for all trimdon/fishburn sedgefield comp kids keep away from duck ponds on friday nights in sedgefield

  39. Copied from sedgefield police page:
    Good News

    Martin Collins 06/02/1988 of South View Trimdon Grange last week appeared at South Durham Magistrates Court in relation to Disqualified Driving and Driving with Excess Alcohol. Collins has received a 24 week prison sentence and has been fined.

    That’s K B little partner in crime, atleast one of them is off the streets for a while!

      • Which are you referring to? The poor lad he tortured, the lads he’s assaulted or the old man he ‘injured’ with a knife? I’d like all tbh! Little rat

  40. Copied from Incidents In Trimdon Facebook page;
    Red car going about trying to pick kids up in the village a grown man with a beard asking the kids to get in the car happened to 2 kids up the park last few days , keep and eye out folks for ye kids safety , scary stuff , warn ye kids about it people to be safe

  41. Copied from our Facebook page:
    “Please Help, today some kids broke into my garden at Ryedale court, Deaf Hill and stole my rabbit from her hutch (I’ve popped a pic of her below). One was wearing jog pants, a body warmer and jumper. He jumped over our fence with our rabbit and drove away on what sounded like a scrambler motorbike. If anyone sees or hears anything please let me know so I can tell the police as a case has been opened. I am terrified for the safety of my rabbit and if anyone knows anything at all I would really appreciate any information. Thanks, Sara”

      • If you have any information that would be great as I’ve got the police coming round later today and any info you have would be greatly appreciated, fingers crossed we can get her home safe, Thanks x

  42. Elections are coming up yet no party members have been round to speak to the people. Not voting labour this time

  43. No reply here yet by our parish council? I hear they had there monthly meeting at the colliery club last week but nothing was on the foundry notice board

  44. (Saturday night)
    CDD Fire and Rescue‏ Verified Twitter account @CDDFRS
    Wheatley Hill retained crews have been out tonight and extinguished a rubbish fire on Deaf Hill Terrace.

  45. police vans up and down last night towards wood view,what now?

  46. Big green quad spotted at suspect number 1s house at wood view trimdon station

  47. Accident on Watchbank Thursday evening, looks like two or three vehicles, road closed at the time

  48. From Twitter:
    CDD Fire and Rescue‏Verified account @CDDFRS Apr 18
    Wheatley Hill crew have attended a number of fires in the Trimdon Station area.

  49. same here mate stolen quad police doing nowt.still looking for keep eye out for not giving up but god help him

    • They need to be taught a lesson and it’ll not be long before someone has had enough and does it.. nothing but lowlife scum bags… one of my mates who lives over there seen them on a geeen quad other day if that’s yours?
      Where on earth are all these things getting hidden?????

      • the bikes and quad fitting description, they have been seen on all of them and still obviously stash them nearby and will probably burn them ready for the next lot to be the hell is this continuing when all the authorities are aware

    • Me mate seen a green quad riding round by the local their

      Where on earth do they hide all these things they steal?

      • They hide them in a garage at Russell crescent and behind the houses at wood view may crescent

  50. Cant believe nothing is getting done about the scum bags around here.

    Carol bell- councillor = rubbish
    Paul trippett – councillor = rubbish
    Gary elliot – councillor = rubbish
    Julie and keith Thompson – only on the council because their chum trippett is on and have to have their noses in were its not required
    Sheila appleton – whos she??? Says it all

    Elaine dickinson – another mystery.

    John burton – tony Blair’s chum has had his nose in for long enough and now not required.

    What we need is people who are strong enough to say that is enough and tackle issues head on!!!

    Margaret eadsforth – promises the worlds delivers nothing

    Lucy hovells an absolute waste of space and does things that benefit her and her close knit pals……

    • Sheila quit the council over a year ago. The parish were asked to take her details off the public record months ago. As her daughter I’m actually pissed off her details are still on public record.

    • Just saying that this information is incorrect as my mother “Sheila” is no longer a councillor.

    • well said.should be people like u who the community needs.absolute piss take the whole lot of them includung the for them they need there faces all over the papers along with the hundreds of crimes they have commited listed underneath what they have got away with.wonder what would happen then.

    • What sort of thing would you like to see them do? I have no idea what Parish Councils are able to do in these situations?

      • They can pressure the police they can pressure the local authorities to take action. More than a member of public can. Whats the point of having them if they cant do anything???

    • What sort of thing would you like them to do? Sadly I suspect there’s not much they actually can do. Any suggestions?

    • I do agree that the councillors need to step up and tackle this problem as a priority. The good local people have a right to feel safe and live in peace.

      For the rest of us, it is beneficial to keep posting anything relating to local crime on here. The police are aware of this page, we there they act upon it is another question but at least it is a log of all the incidences witnessed and the frustration people are dealing with the lack of action by the police and the local Councillors.

      I would suggest that every time you call the police it is logged here or at least you keep a record. Doing so will be much easier to bring this to light with the local and national papers as I’m sure they will he intrigued with the misery and the suffering us locals are dealing with daily. The police use of informants is one thing, but not at the expense of people’s lives. It’s just not acceptable!

      Final point is its worth putting pressure on the home group housing people. They have a duty and their own policies to deal with antisocial families living in their housing.

      • I wouldnt have any issue with councillor if they actually done the best for village. Sadly this is the case i feel they do it for reputation and nothing else.

    • Mrs Thompson hasn’t attended a monthly meeting for over a year ,and Mr thompson would better serve the parish by making sure the tenants of his houses don’t ruin peoples lives

  51. Still searching for the 2 Honda crf 250 and 450 bikes..
    we are not giving up til we get them back and they get what they deserve

  52. Anyone see a red motocross bike 4 stroke (Honda) so it’s proper loud, or a black one with gold wheels (Honda) 2 stroke..
    both stolen

    • I can hear something loud getting revved a lot but can’t see it not sure if it’s the stolen one. Bottom end trimdon station

      • Thanks for letting me know, if you get anymore info please let me know. Thankyou

    • just seen red honda 4 stroke front street easington lane young lad flying no helmet

      • Thankyou for letting us know! If you see or hear anything else please let us know

  53. Blue clio with its windows put out in deaf hill. More bell ends at work

  54. has anybody seen the local thief riding an off road bike or quad please in trimdon colliery.both stolen.thanks

  55. Rodwell street full to the brim with police activity. Anyone know whats happened?

  56. Little a*holes are flying around on quads again. Police notified but nothing done. Driving a red quad. Usual suspects kids now

  57. Durham police say KB is no longer on their wanted list! Speechless

      • Livid with this. Informants of the police always get away by bargaining with the police (information) and let out to continue terrorising the locals.

        This now needs to go to the papers.

        Parish Council and Police silent as usual. Utter disgrace. I won’t be voting for the same county councillor.

        • *Apologies for late addition, this message got caught in a spam-trap and I didn’t notice

          • its getting out of hand whats going on wtf are police paid to do.sit in cars while the helicopter above informs tbem if the whereabouts and they still dont make the slightest effort to catch the horrible twisted piece if much more damage and vehicle theft are they going to do.this will continue and get worse because the police are not interested.u right the northern echo the hartlepool mail and whatever it takes to do what he is doing and destroy him.vile scum of the earth

  58. cars vans quads bikes houses buildings gardens the list is endless what they have damaged.more to come because they walk free with no remorse dont think they should be called human.scum of the earth. b*****ds

  59. have they both been arrested bet its not for long if they have.the northern echo might be interested in what the residents in trimdon and surronding areas have to put up with including thieving vehicles from nearby and burning them peoples pride and joy.vile horrible pieces of scum

    • Chief inspector mike barton on bbc news in morning. Shame he doesnt put his energy into looking after his own local residents.

      • I’ve just had a police survey through the post from him – already filled in and back in the post box with poor reviews!

  60. Burnt out van in a field just outside Deaf Hill on the Wingate road. Looks like it’s been badly damaged

  61. person of interest to police, we all know who, has been arrested today.

  62. Police attended laburnham crescent last night due to youths breaking and entering an empty property. Considerable damage caused

        • I hear that piece of shit local scumbag has been arrested today. If he gets let out this time then the press need to know about it. More burglaries and arson Peterlee and Wheatley hill

      • it won’t get better until they actually give them a punishment or rid them from the area. Again it’s the innocents that suffer through it all

        • Ive told you his parents are no f*****g better! They are two f*****g scumbags and the whole family need to be shipped out before someone does it and seriously injures them! They are f*****g rotten horrible scumbags!

  63. well hear the local criminal burnt yet another quad bike not even mate found a landrover defender burnt out not far the hell is this continuing.for gods sake.this will turn nasty before long.what next i dread to think.evil piece of trash.about time police did their job instead of dealing with petty things whats no importance

    • Someone will end up dead before anything gets done. It’s disgusting what they get away with

      • exactly and still nothing done.wouldnt like to think how many quads cars bikes theyve burnt and bet the owners dont even know.vile piece of shit

    • The landrover could be the one stolen from trimdon a few days ago..was on fb. As for the culprits they are bombing round colliery on dirt bike. Police aware. Yet again not bothered. Cos its trimdon. Be different story if it was sedgefield. Bet the MP would get summit done then!

  64. Cant help but notice no comments off the parish coucil. doing what they always do, nowt

  65. Burnt out quad bike at the bottom end lines blocking walkway to wingate. Someones pride and joy no doubt!! Absolute scum

  66. Crikey…someone finally listening to the people of Trimdon…5 police cars belting in! Facebook given people a voice! Maybe should have threatened to go to the media sooner!

      • Heard that it was a raid on a house in Rodwell Street, looking for K*** ******t

          • Let’s hope so! I’ve not seen him flying about in any cars recently so I’m guessing that’s a good sign!?

  67. Absolute joke,panic buttons.the police want to get off their a**es and do what they paid to do.crime after crime and nowt done.i have practically begged them to get my stolen vehicle returned gave them ctv footage of the horrible little a**ehole.nothing done dont even get my calls returned

    • Not just the police tho judges are soft on them as well. All they get is a fine and community service. But I agree police are lazy and useless. Just like home group and mps here

    • You have cctv proof of him stealing your car and they haven’t done anything?! The police are just as bad as these horrible scumbags. I think we should all write letters of complaints to Durham constabulary as this is beyond a joke. Like someone else said it won’t be long before someone else takes the law into their own hands…and I bet they end up getting locked up for it whilst the scum run a mock. And why this website has blocked out the name is daft as it’s plastered all over the police Facebook it’s not as if no one knows!

        • I understand that but as your website states ‘
          This leaves residents unaware of what may be happening on their doorstep. Being forewarned may prompt people to take extra care where needed.’ I think if someone is on the run and it’s highlighted on a police page then it should be allowed on here? As I’m sure not many people will check police pages but obviously a lot of people appear to check this page as it is very useful. I do understand not naming names in general though but if it relates to an incident or crime that has been mentioned by the police I do feel it should be allowed? Apologies if not.

          • Police have only stated that they’d like to ‘speak to’ him…. 😉
            This website is only a one man band – me, and I don’t want to take the risk of any legal (or illegal) action being taken. I just can’t afford it!
            The following isn’t aimed at you or anyone in particular so no offence intended, I add it just so people can understand my situation:

            Over the 15 years or so that I’ve run the website I’ve had enough complaints and insults fired at me, by people insisting I take sides in local squabbles, or publishing things they didn’t like (even if already reported in the newspapers etc.) Others have complained when I haven’t reported on something, presumably because they think I’m a professional reporter, or think I’m paid by the local councils, neither of which is true.
            I just hope to think the website serves a useful purpose for Trimdoners at home and abroad.

            • The reason was explained in another post i wouldnt like it if people were able to name me if i havnt done something accused of and fair play to hiding their name (although we all know who it is ). Quite frankly I thank you for this page. It’s more popular than I thought it would be.

            • This website deffo serves a purpose ☺ thanks for the response I do understand where you’re coming from. Just my point was that if people didn’t see the police post and had seen a certain person they might not of known to contact the police but your response was fair enough ☺

          • Well said,residents have a right to be made aware of what he is wanted for.who knows what hes capable of next, hes got away with everything else.i hope yr opinions on here have made some kind of needs someone like this keep it up

      • if you no who it is just catch him one dark night and kick the crap out of him

        • Great message , I agree .police and courts do FA. So let’s do it .

    • i hope if anyone sees him they ring the police on him he’s the nastiest scummiest lad and deserves locking up and the key throwing away. Wonder what he’s done this time!!!

      • Waste of time and money. Police never take any further action against him. He has robbed and done arson for years. Never even went to school. He needs taking out of society along with his scummy pals.

        • Well we all have an idea he and his family are informants to the police. It’s been said by many residents time and time again that the crimes committed never end up with appropriate jail sentences.

          This will enevitably end up with the local press as it can’t go on Un-noticed by the local people or tolerated anymore.

          • It’s a joke really. Informant or not how can he get away with so much. Surely public protection is more important than any information the family give the police. There is no faith in the police force in this area due to the lack of presence and the constant bailing of criminals then no further action. What’s the point in even posting his face on their page. They will get him.. eventually … then he will be out doing the same things the following day.

          • His family even have panic buttons in their house as they fear for THEIR safety!

            • His mother and father are just as bad. His horrible father is the driver to most of his sons crimes and for her she wants a f***ing job! Shift the whole family out let them beg on the streets!

              • Yep he is I always see him cruising him about in their little red clio which is uninsured and untaxed..

  68. Police outside wood view again. Why dont they lock the scum up

    • No need for ten guesses as to who they are after. He belongs in prison just like his brother.

      • There was an arson incident in Bishop yesterday on an industrial estate.Might be why the chopper was out.

        • Beyond a joke what he gets away with.matter of time before someone is seriously the meantime continue to committ more crime day in and day out.interested to know who the other 2 are.wingate by any chance?? Upset the wrong people.police wont do a thing this one will

      • I am in no way defending them but they arent the only culprits. What i don’t get is “adults” 18+ hanging on the streets why dont they grow the f**k up!! Or get a job

    • Left to commit more crime and damage speed round villages light fires steel vehicles burgal houses terrorise people but apparantly its ok .him and his pals are not that clever.they are getting watched enough is enough

        • What would be the point of that? Most of this has been phoned into the police and they don’t bother to do anything.

  69. Police and helicopter hovering over bottom end trimdon station

    • Yep. May crescent way on. Obviously looking for a scumbag. Anyone see anything?

  70. I have sent this to the parish council lets see if i get a reply on here!!

    Firstly id like to express my total disappointment with the lack of support by the parish council and the police in the rising crime we have seen over the last 6 to 12 months. You sit round a table discussing an non priority agenda when we have our property damaged, broken into local amenities damaged and yet there is absolutley no support what so ever by either the parish council or the police. We have residents who have been victim of crime scared to sleep at night scared to go on holiday scared to leave any of their property unoccupied due to to the “local scumbags” taking advantage of this. There is no visibility of the street wardens no visibility of the police because they simply can not be bothered. Let me tell you enough is enough we want our village back to how it should be. We want our village free of vandalism we want our village free of police chases a village we can be proud of. At the minute and certainly over the last few months this is most definitely not the case. Let me warn trimdon parish council its only a matter of time before someone get seriously injured due to all this. Wether this be the victim or the yob that carries out this cowardly act. I urge you to get your heads together instead of making the village look nice and pretty with flower boxes etc get your act together and tackle this problem first then work up. I havent left ny name and i feel i am representing most of the trimdon and deaf hill residents. I also havent left my email address because i fear i will be identified to the local scum. However if you wish to reply please do so through the trimdon times anonymous thread that has been created to report local crime. Whilst your there take a read of it and look what others are saying about the village. It was only last night yet again the firebrigade were called for ANOTHER fire remember a man has just recently lost his entire business through a fire yet still no action.

    I do look forward to reading your reply in trimdon times.

    This email is not intended as a threat to anyone or millicious in anyway but we are all sick to the back teeth of having no support from OUR residents which are trimdon parish council and the police.

    Kind regards,
    Trimdon station, colliery and deaf hill residents

    • Home group housing won’t do a thing either. Simplest action is demolish the streets the riff raff live in. Guaranteed if wood view and may crescent didn’t exist crime in trimdon would drop down 75%

      • Well said. That area is a disgrace and needs immediate remedial action. I spoke to the local MP a while back. It needs a clear out of the scum and investment. Good families deserve the homes.

      • Apparently home group have an antisocial behaviour policy. They should follow it if enough people call and complain about the scum.
        The list and definition of ‘anti social behaviour’ is quite extensive. If people know the names and houses then they have little choice but to investigate.

        Call them on:-
        0345 141 4663

    • Well done…. can I suggest also contacting the mp. I did and although nothing has been done…yet. It is at least on record.

    • I feel this also applies to Trimdon Village as the same scum which you are referring too are often seen here too and have caused many problems to residents! I do agree the response from the police is disgusting – many times have I contacted them to report these scum and very rarely have I seen a police car in attendance! And the odd time they have and arrested these people they are back on the streets the following day and continue to commit crimes because they know they’ll get a slap on the wrist or a really short prison sentence which is a green light to these people. I’ve lived in trimdon all my life and I’m genuinely considering moving away from friends and family because of the increase in crime and the lack of support in helping people who are genuinely concerned for their safety/welfare/possessions!
      I’m also very interested in the reply!

    • Well said and fully agree. Peterlee police are a disgrace and whichever way they cut and carve the excuses they aren’t doing the job of protecting the local residents.

      Sedgefield police aren’t much better, although I have seen the odd one in the village.

      The main thing people have to do is keep on to the police. Report anything seen and post it on here.

    • What makes it worse is the working man/woman’s property is getting destroyed or pinched.these scum suck on the dole have no intention of working no pride in the village and the worse thing of all is that they have kids. I feel bad for the kids living in an environment like that. And they will probably grow up to be the on the dole

    • Still no reply….this would be seriously embarrassing if no one replied.

    • I do not usually reply to anonymous letters or emails but given the fear of reprisals I understand peoples reluctance to use their names on social media, however if residents want to discuss this issue and to find out what is happening please email me on
      If you have any concerns or even information please contact me and I will endeavour to keep you abreast of what is going on, it goes without saying all correspondence will be treated with the strictest confidence.

      • Comical. People have complained to our councillors and police and even the MP for years. Now youre bothered!

      • Paul,

        Firstly id like to thank you for your reply i still wont reveal myself its simply not worth it. All we want is a village that is not full of crime. We understand this happens from time to time, does in every village. It goes without saying people are sick to death of it. How would you feel about going on holiday worried about your house or property? A holiday is a time to re charge the batteries ready for work again.

        Some of our councillor’s are hard working people and i understand they cannot he there 24/7 however we are fed up! Fed up of the local scumbags ruining our village our property’s. We are fed up of the same names getting locked up then getting relased the same day to then repeat what they did the previous night. We are really fed up of a police force that has just been rated the best in the country they are not bothered they dont care one little bit. You may agree or even disagree but please put your foot in our shoe’s and please please get the vall rolling to sort this out.

        • Paul why is the scum not get eviction notices for. One of these days someone is going to take the law into their own hands and deal out some justice.

      • Paul,

        Many thanks for responding on here.

        This board has given the people an appropriate and safe platform to raise major concerns and finally have a voice with near certain annanimity. PACT meetings and meetings with the police are a no go here in the Trimdons with fear of being seen and violent consequences to follow.

        What you must now understand that this is the end of tolerating the excuses/ ignorance constantly made by the Police and the Parish Councils. Have you seen how many houses are for sale just in the village alone? People are wanting out because they do not feel safe anymore, they have been burgled, cars set on fire, property damaged or abused in the street. You can’t blame them for wanting to leave.

        It’s no secret that wood view/ may crescent harbours the main offenders but yet the housing association allow them to stay but also keep on putting the low life scum there, mainly moving the problem families from another town or village that obviously has had issues. Why arent the parish council / police / housing association putting a plan in place to clean up this area? Why are the same names who repeatedly commit crime in our area allowed to remain in the village? How much is it costing the tax payer to deploy the police chopper every time the same piece of scum commits another crime?

        We’ve been here 27 years and this is the worst it’s ever been. Its the worst its ever been because its been allowed to get this bad.

        I fear for the future of this once lovely village and for all the good people who have a right to live in peace.

        I will email you shortly as you have suggested.

  71. County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service received a report of a fire near Laburnum Crescent, in Trimdon Station, at 4.34pm on Saturday. On arrival they discovered about 300 square metres of grass, across two separate areas, alight.
    A spokesperson for the service said crew members reported witnessing two youths walking along the railway line nearby who were said to be lighting fires. (Details from Northern Echo)

  72. Police giving chase to some imbecile on a quad driving around no lights on either. Hope he gets caught

      • Wont get caught cos the police dont try hard enough.stolen quad from the next village but they get away with all there dodgy antics.

      • Stolen quad nothing but thieving scum.committing crime after crime cos police dont try hard enough to catch them.need locking up horrible pieces of shit

        • The police last night didn’t even try hard enough. They were just driving around and didn’t even attempt to wait somewhere. The driver of the quad lives in May crescent

          • Thanks for long gone no doubt.shown police evidence of where it is nothing done

  73. Police at wood view. The occupiers are pretending they are not in

  74. Nice to see that the police (interceptor) bmw were parked up opposite the top shop along the the bus stop tonight. Hopefully it will keep the scum on alert!!

    • Needs more police visible until the whole lot are cleared out and moved on. Enough is enough

      • It’s about time the council and police cleaned out that area. It’s mainly from there all bother comes from.

      • The problem is no one dares speak out down there in fear of Windows being put out or getting terrorised in the street

    • They can’t put bricks through windows if they don’t know who is reporting them! I’ve rang police 5 times in the last week alone and they don’t seem to have bothered themselves to go and catch them – so I’d love to know what’s more important! Won’t be that when they end up killing someone and they get in the shit cos the scum bags have already been reported!

      • Just seen that blue suzuki. Must have been doing 70 in a 30. Called the police.

        It’s a good record on here of the amount of times the police are called out and no one sees them.

      • Same families that’s been causing trouble round the trimdon station for years. The scummy families in wood view may crescent

          • I know exactly what you mean,and you have my sympathy but if names were published it would open up a whole can of worms such as legal action (defamation etc.)against me, plus it might encourage mischievous or malicious comments about other people who don’t deserve it.

        • The lad driving the blue Suzuki isn’t part of that scummy family unfortunately but his criminal record is just as bad

  75. Copied from Sedgefield Police facebook page;
    At 02:20hrs on 12/03/2017, an unknown person has set fire to the seatbelts of a silver Volkswagen Bora, which had been parked up at Northside Buildings, Trimdon Grange, The suspect was wearing a light coloured hooded top and dark bottoms and made off by the cemetery towards the main road. The vehicle sustained extensive damage. Anyone with any information please contact Pc 2486 Barker quoting incident number DHM-12032017-0219.

  76. Disqualified driver flying round trimdon station in old blue Suzuki – phoned police but haven’t seem to catch him yet!!

    • Probably same one who has a silver renault and a motorbike ,lives in the village ,strange how police don’t bother him

      • Thinks he’s invincible as do his criminal friends! Probably an informant or something hence why him and his little pals get away with everything whilst they terrorise Trimdon and continue to repeatedly commit crimes

      • Phoned police on it yesterday. Police have the reg name of the driver yet still nothing happens. Apparently the driver is on tag as well

        • He’s on bail for driving without a licence for 3 previous offences since Jan and awaiting to go to court

  77. Some bell end outside wood view beeping the horn like an idiot. Yes the horn works noisy idiot

  78. Property in Down Terrace being used as a brothel. “Jordan” can be found on Gracies Girls website advertising the address. This has been reported to the police several times yet still continues. Men are coming and going all hours and drugs are involved.She lives rent free claiming benefits. Please share this information and make a stand.

    • This is appalling how could police let this happen and nothing is getting done by the police absolutely shocking.could be all sorts of disgusting perverts coming to the grange for sex something must be done about this.Downs terrace is over looking the park and shops wher children play.if admin are reading this I’m sure it needs to highlighted in your nxt Trimdon times meeting utter disgust

      • This website (Trimdon Times)has no other influence other than to publish peoples comments and concerns. Contact details can be found easily on the website for parish councils and police.

        • I live in down terrace and have never seen men coming and going from that house. From what I know is she doesn’t work directly from her home she works well away from here. She’s doing no harm but please complain about her and not the obvious drug dealers living here that DO have people coming and going from the house, blocking the road and the guy who lives there spends a lot of time looking into our cars

  79. Lots of petrol caps open two Gerry cans and screwdrivers left besides a friends car going around stealing petrol from cars think they might have been disturbed ibottom of Downs Terrace Trimdon Grange

  80. People hammering around in a purple nissan quashqai in trimdon colliery just knocked through the royals wall

  81. 4 mini coopers driving around in formation.. all different colours. The trimdon job…
    Get a grip all of you peeping toms.. like dot bowness all of yas curtain twitchers

  82. Totally agree with comments on here about speeding cars around the villages. Church Road I hear it most. It’s the same cars too. They also sound like they have modified exhausts to make them sound loud.
    However with these austerity measures in place. Nout will get done.

  83. 3 scruffy idiots flying round on a trails bike. Looks like they are checking out houses in each street. Last seen Trimdon station on Wingate road up towards top shop.

    • Did you report this to the police? If not i strongly suggest that would be the wiser thing to do.

      • Yes reported to the police. Haven’t seen any attendance from them.

    • Bikes been flying about all day. Funny tho they dissappear the second a cop car enters the village…. did u catch the colours of Bikes?

    • I know exactly who you’re on about! They need locking up and the key thrown away!!

  84. 51 plate red clio doing the rounds driving like an idiot and watching people’s houses

  85. A group of 6 or 7 teenage lads drinking larger and carrying on next to the coop library last night in the village. Makes you feel quite scared using the cash point or going in the shop. Reporting this in case there was any issues with crime.

  86. Blue Peugeot gone through hedge into field Friday night/ early Sunday. Just past Wingate junction on the Hartlepool road next to bungalow. Still there Sunday evening – abandoned joyriders car?

  87. **** ******* flying around in more than likely stolen cars and motorbikes everyday around trimdon station! Needs locking up.

  88. scruffy thieves last night that pinched a pair of wind deflectors off my son’s car, what the hell is going on round here?!!!! Decent people can’t have anything round here!!!

  89. Speeding vehicles in the area becoming dangerous. Margeret Terrace a real problem. Kids can’t play out

    • Totally agree something should be done, they should put those sleeping policeman down the front street too!
      Also quads and motorcycles up and down commercial street.

    • I’m sick of the speeding cars around here!!!! Something needs to be done. Oh yeah it won’t, until something serious happens!!!

      • I complained through the police regarding this last year. I was told that I was the only person to bring this matter up officially in 8yrs so obviously not a real issue. Anyway as I had put it in writing they had to conduct a 7 day speed check along Luke Street area. This is the ladies reply below. I know that cars speed here but they won’t act unless more people contact them. Please everyone contact this lady and then action will be taken. Otherwise as you have stated it will only be dealt with once someone gets killed.
        As a follow up to the below acknowledgement e-mail, I would advise that I am now in receipt of full 7 day 24 hour speed survey data for Luke Street, Trimdon Colliery, from Durham County Council.

        On reviewing the detail of the data, the average mean speed of vehicles during the survey was found to be 25mph which was 1mph lower than the previous 2008 survey mentioned below. The level of speed limit compliance on this road was good with only 7% of all vehicles falling within our enforcement thresholds and the majority of those being at the lower end of contravention. The vehicles found contravening the speed limit were therefore quite low and have not met our escalation levels where we would initiate a full speed campaign in the locality through deployment of our Roads Policing Unit or safety camera

        Turning now to your query with regard to the provision of speed indication devices and traffic calming as indicated below there needs to be an evidenced excess speed problem. The County Council receives more requests for traffic management solutions than it is able to fund from limited road safety budgets. Due to the need to concentrate resources on reducing casualty accidents, the Council is required to direct its limited funding towards addressing locations with the worst accident trends. As there is not a poor accident record on this road this is not currently a locality where remedial measures would be carried out at this time.

        I appreciate that you may be disappointed with this response but hopefully the updates provided have shown that your concerns have been taken seriously and fully investigated.

        Forwarded by way of update.

        Yours sincerely

        Maxine Stubbs
        Traffic Management Officer
        Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit
        Wesleyan Road
        Co. Durham
        DL16 6FB
        Tel Internal: 74 2707
        Tel External: 01325 742707
        CDSOU Core Value Logo

        From: Maxine Stubbs
        Sent: 25 July 2016 11:19

        Subject: 768 – Luke Street, Trimdon Colliery – Speeding Concerns – Ack


        Thank you for your recent e-mail in which you pose a number of questions around safety cameras, vehicle activated signs and traffic calming measures on Luke Street in the vicinity of your home.

        In acknowledging receipt, I would begin by advising that the enforcement of the speed limit and provision of safety cameras falls within the Police remit and the provision of vehicle activated signs and traffic calming measures falls within the remit of Durham County Council as Highway Authority for the area.

        In respect of Luke Street I would advise that other than a complaint of speed in 2008 no other complaints of speed on this section of road have been brought to my notice in the past 10 years. At the time of investigating the speed issue in 2008 the complaint was found not to be substantiated with the speed profiles from a 7 day 24 hour speed survey at the time showing the average mean speed of vehicles to be 26mph (below the posted speed limit of 30mph). In consequence given a high level of speed limit compliance no subsequent Police enforcement action was taken.

        I appreciate that the above is some time ago and things can change, not least with the development of the Chemist, doctors surgery and improved recreational facilities which are accessed of Luke Street. While ordinarily your concerns would be sent to our local Neighbourhood Policing Team for consideration of Community Speed Watch to gauge the extent of the problem in the first instance, I appreciate here that this would not be appropriate given the parking pattern along the road and width of pavements which would affect the safe operation of the scheme. In consequence, I will make a request for Durham County Council to undertake a full 7 day 24 hour speed survey so we can get a true reflection of vehicle speeds and times of day of any speed limit offending which are not influenced by a uniform presence. From this we can then ascertain how to take this matter forward. Once I’m in receipt of the speed survey data from the County Council I will get back in touch with you.

        By way of further comment I would advise that for any of the measures you raise i.e. safety camera, speed indication devices, traffic calming measures to be considered further, there first of all has to be an evidenced proven excess speed problem. The full speed surveys will be able to show if these measures could be further considered.

        In closing, I hope the above information clearly shows how your complaint will be taken forward. I will be in touch again on receipt of the speed survey data but in the interim should you wish to query any aspect further then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

        Yours sincerely

        Maxine Stubbs
        Traffic Management Officer
        Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit
        Wesleyan Road
        Co. Durham
        DL16 6FB
        Tel Internal: 74 2707
        Tel External: 01325 742707
        CDSOU Core Value Logo

        My original email to them
        Sent: 03 July 2016 06:22
        To: Complaints & Internal Investigations

        I want to know why the road of Luke Street onwards from Trimdon Grange has no speed cameras. The speed of the traffic as it travels along Luke Street to the T-junction is well over the maximum of 30mph. Other areas have signs displaying the speed to the drivers, road humps or speed cameras. Why do we not have anything along this road.
        The doctors surgery is along this road, as is now the chemist, but more importantly the entrances to the recreation ground is here. Children and elderly are at risk of being knocked down or even killed by high speeding vehicles.
        Why has this not been addressed.

      • I agree there are issues on that road but my issues are at the opposite end. People fly down the road from the top (travelling towards Salters Lane) and as myself and some of my friends/family have been turning left out of our street, have almost been hit by another vehicle or a car tailgating them, flashing their lights or beeping their horns. Its near enough a blind junction and it’s been clear when we’ve pulled out. Absolute idiots 🙁 I will report this as I’ve been meaning to for a few months now!

  90. Tools worth more than £2,500 were stolen from the back of a white Ford Transit Connect van which was parked on Wynyard Road, in Trimdon.
    It is believed they were taken sometime between 5pm on Saturday, January 21, and 8am on Sunday, January 22.

    • There were three lads in a silver car on the village hall field about 6am on the sunday morning.up to no good the car was stuck in the mud they had to push it out.went down towards meadow road. Two taller lads and one shorter one.what they up to at that time on a morning

    • What car was it? Silver micra doing the rounds in the village and sits watching houses opposite red lion Could be a criminal pool car.

  91. Kids in the park have been terrorising an elderly lady who lives alone. Police were called. They have thrown stuff at her windows, shouted abuse at her and made her feel scared in her home.

  92. Shed fire at Laurel Crescent, Trimdon Colliery, about 7.45pm 3rd Feb. Two fire engines in attendance, apparently a motor bike in shed which could have exploded.

  93. Some residents have discussed that they have seen people in their gardens, property or have had their doors tried for gaining entry even when you are in the house. Everyone should lock their doors.

  94. Thurday afternoon 2nd Feb someone kicked in the back door of a property on Station Road East.