Please use the Contact Form to record a quick note of any crime, vandalism or other incidents happening in and around Trimdon. Note: Your name or email will NOT be published.

Many minor - sometimes major - incidents are never reported in the local papers or anywhere else.
This leaves residents unaware of what may be happening on their doorstep. Being forewarned may prompt people to take extra care where needed.
Information is not passed on to anyone else - if you decide to report an incident to Police please use the links below or dial 101.

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Incidents in Trimdon – Burglary, Car Crime, Fire, Accidents etc. — 342 Comments

  1. doe’s anyone know of these three little monsters, who are running around on a Wednesday and Thursday night at around 6-30 t0 8-clock.causing trouble.
    one has ginger hair. and the age seems to be 11 or maybe 13 years of age.
    needs to be nipped in the bud, before any real damage is done.

    • Same in sedgefield on Friday and Saturday nights tomato’s stones and cake mixture at windows in wykes close

  2. Police are currently investigating a theft from a vehicle parked in Down Terrace, Trimdon Station, which occurred overnight, the 10th to the 11th. Persons unknown have entered a motor vehicle and stolen from within, discarding some property nearby. The owner believes that other vehicles in the area have also been targetted, but not reported to police.
    If you have CCTV nearby would appreciate a check to see if anything suspicious caught.

  3. Everyone who lives in the Trimdons should take pride in it’s long history , from the iron age through the industrial revolution and the mines. We have one common enemy, the elite who think they own us. We have to stop abusing each other and not be distracted by right wing propaganda. Don’t abuse those with even less or steal from people just struggling to live . Focus on the real problem the elite 1%. Hitting the hard target will bring change, while hitting the 99% just creates more misery.

  4. Fire in Trimdon Colliery on Commercial/Rodwell Street at around 2am in the morning on Friday 16th November. A resident had a brief chat with fireman, not sure if it is suspicious or not. Fire seems to have started in the garage and spread to the car outside of it. Resident heard a large bang just before 2am which may have been the engine compartment exploding as the bonnet was damaged.