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I am trying to find out more info about my grandparents, the information I have says that they lived at 28, South Plantation Row, Trimdon in the late 1890’s Their names were Jim and Esther Learoyd. Any information about them or any Learoyds would be gratefully appreciated.
Thanks, Esther Salmon nee Dodsworth 

Request for help sent to the Station Road Community Centre website ( ) :

Can anyone help – I am researching my family history, my mother was born in Trimdon, her name is Margaret Ann Kitchen, she has brothers Robert (Robbie) and George (Geordie)  another great uncle of mine was John George Yates who enlisted at Deaf Hill for WW1 and he was killed/missing at Flanders France whilst serving with 15th Battalion the Durham Light Infantry, what I am asking is, is there anyone living in the area with the names Yates/Kitchen who would probably be a relative?
If anyone has any information please contact the community centre
01429 882200 or
Whilst researching for an enquiry for the Museum of Policing in Cheshire ( )  I have come across a John Austin McHALE, born 1856 Old Trimdon, Durham, he having left his home town initially served in the Liverpool police and in March 1881 joined the Cheshire Constabulary where he remained until 1913 attaining the rank of Superintendent, (local man makes good). Anyone interested in obtaining his details may make contact through the above site which has an enquiry form. Thank You Jim Talbot, Trustee and Researcher Museum of Policing in Cheshire.
From Linda Francis;
A lady called  Elva  MORTON  keeps sending me  messages through Genes Reunited but I can’t  access them, or send her reply, she claims she knows both my late parents  Ralph and  Nancy Calvert  of Trimdon. Anyone  who knows her please tell her I would love to hear from her, and  give her my  email address. (Contact Trimdon Times)
Thanks from Linda

I am researching my husband’s family history and need information on James Patrick Rookes who was born 1927 in Blackhall, but his father James Rookes was born in 1898 in Trimdon.  I know they lived at 35 Cuthbertson Street, Trimdon – I am not able to find the street.  James Patrick Rookes was in the army when he got married in 1948.  All information will be appreciated.
Thanks – Mrs H K Daly  18 May 2010

Reply from Danielle Farrell  16 June 2010.
I am currently trying to research my grandad who went by the name James Patrick Shaw; however I recently found out that his real name was actually James Partick Rookes; I don’t know if it is the same person but the name is so familiar. He lived in Liverpool, but I am aware that he was originally from West Hartlepool.
Even if it is not the right person could you please let me know.
Kind regards, Danielle Farrell

Reply from Linda Wilkinson: 14 Jun 2010
I am not 100% sure, but think Cuthbertson Street was the houses that were behind what is now North Moor Avenue

Reply from Harninder  K Daly: 12th July 2010
re Danielle Farrell response I would need more information before I could dismiss his grandfather not being the James Patrick Rookes that I am looking for. 1 why did he change his name? 2 when did he move to Liverpool?

Reply from Danielle Farrell  16 July 2010.
I have further information to believe he may be the same person.
I can confirm that his name was James Partrick Rookes and later went by James Patrick Shaw. He was born in May 1927 in Durham. If you require any additional information please feel free to contact me via my personal email held by Trimdon Times. Kind regards.
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I wonder if anyone could help me, I am looking for anyone who is related to George Brown born 1875 died 1946 his wife was Catherine Carr, they married at Langdale in 1900. Both of them are buried at Deaf Hill cemetery. The children were Robert  born approx 1900 and died in 1996, Thomas born 1903 death unknown, Margaret Alice born 1905 died 1991 she married John Edward Pearson,George William b 1906 death unknown, Nicholas b 1908 death unknown, Florance b 1911 d 1952, Norah b 1914 death unknown, Ralph Gowland b 1917 D1941. If anyone could help me i would be most greatful. Thanks, Vera     17 May 2010

Reply from Valerie Banks 29th June 2011
Vera, In reply to your request for information from the descendants of George Brown and Catherine Carr.
I am the daughter of Nicholas Brown. He was born in September 1908 and died in July 1978.
I’ve managed to trace the Carr side of the family back quite a few generations but I get stuck on the Brown side!   Valerie

Reply from Alan Robinson: 2nd Sept 2010
Vera: in answer to your questions there’s a Mary Rand (nee Pearson) at Fishburn & Tom Pearson. Catherine died last year. I can remember a Vera when i was small (thought she was a aunty  ??) John Pearsons wife Joyce lives in Trimdon Village, Pearleens at Fishburn, Thomas died 2yrs ago. Ralph (Georges son) lives at Deaf Hill. Myself, I live in the Village. Hope this helps. Alan.

– – – – –
My dad  died recently and he often spoke of Trimdon Colliery, his name was Bill Crosby, my nannas maiden name was Langly, he was a footballer in his younger days. I would like to know if any family members remember him. Thanks – Val   14 May 2010
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Does anyone remember a Thomas Noble born Aycliffe 1886 and died Trimdon 24 Dec 1975.  He was one of 11 siblings and his father was the foreman at Aycliffe Limestone quarry.  He worked in Jaques and Jaques drapers shop in Darlington and retired to Trimdon,
I don’t know if there was a  Mrs Noble or if the lady he lived with was one of his spinster sisters.  He was my father’s guardian  1922-1934 and I would like to know more about him if possible and if there are any living relatives. He must have had many nephews and nieces.
Any  information would be much appreciated.  Thanks – Dani

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