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Trimdon Family Information Requests

12th Oct 2023
Hello, I am currently researching my maternal grandmother's side of my family who are all Glaisters and hoping to get some information on William Glaister (born 1873) who was living in Trimdon at the time of the 1901 census with his wife Annie Isabella Hutchinson and 2 children, John (3y/o) and Ernest (1y/o, my great grandfather). I know William was a coal miner and was born in Broomside, along with a lot of siblings. I don't know when they moved to the area, any definitive information on his parents or the street name where they lived in Trimdon (it's difficult to read on the census entry). I can see Glaisters have been asked about on this site a few times before so I'm hoping there will be some info out there since searching English family records has not yielded much.
Thank you in advance! Miss Robyn Ward

12th Aug 2023
Can anyone identify any of the people in these photos? Sent to me via the Love family, whose ancestors were from Trimdon
A query also from Jill Love, quote:
"Would anyone have heard of an accident at Trimdon in the pit? My sister in law is 81 and she is always going on about her grandad came home from the pit, the kitchen table was scrubbed so his leg could be cut off. My husband (NOBLE) is younger so he wouldn't know about this. They must have been visiting gran and grandad."
(Any info welcome, either via the Contact page or direct email to Jill Love.)

6th June 2023
Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help? We are trying to research a Michael Roach who came to Trimdon from0 Ireland. He is first spotted on the 1901 census as a boarder which later married the daughter Wilhelmina Connelly. He had a sister named Anne Roach who married a John Lydon. From their marriage registry it states Anne and Michaels parents were named Martin Roach and Bridget McHale. After lots of research we are unable to find anything else about Michael, Anne's and parents history. Michael had a fatal accident down Raisby Hill Quarry where he fell from 128 feet.
Thanks, Miss Shannon Harris

18th April 2022
I am trying to find out what happened to two families with the surname MacDonald / McDonald.
John MacDonald married Dorothy PEEL and they were at 65 Milbank Terrace in Station Town in 1901, then by 1911 were at Haswell House in North Road Wingate. I've found 4 children, Thomas (Tom) who married Margaret Frances BILLHAM and moved to South Shields, Margaret who married James HARRISON and was at 47 North Road East in 1939, John William died during WWI and finally Doris who married Walter BAMFITT.

The second family were related but I know next to nothing about them.George MacDonald married Margaret (or Mary) CHICKEN. By 1871 they were at Half Way House in Thornley, 1881 in Old Wingate, and in 1891 at Old Wingate Farm when George is described as "Quarryman". There were at least 8 children, Ralph born 1870, George (1872), Joseph (1874), William (1876), Elizabeth (1879), Mary (1881), Margaret (1884) and Jane born in 1886.

Any information gratefully received.
Thanks, Mrs Helen Pearson

27th September 2021
Jonty EmeryMy Gran, Celia Archer, has never seen a photo of her biological mother.
The lady we're looking for was born Hannah Connelly (possibly a slightly different spelling, as some documents disagree), between 1900-1906. Evidence suggests she was born in Trimdon.
The man in this photo (click thumbnail image) is Jonty Emery, the man Hannah (later known as Hannah Emery) married. If someone has a photo of this man with a short woman with dark hair, it could well be Gran's Mam.
I would also love to hear from anyone who might have photos of a Connelly family.
Miss Emma Richardson

12th April 2021
Maureen SkeltonHi,I was fostered as a child and I'm looking into my biological family history. The family name I'm looking for is Skelton, my grandmother was Maureen Skelton -11/11/1928-2005. Her parents were Robert Skelton and Dora Williamson. I met my gran a few times and I'm desperate for some more photos of her,as I only have a poor quality photo which is attached. I'm aware of her younger brother Robert Skelton who still lives in Trimdon .
Many thanks for reading, Christine
Ms Christine Hogarth

2nd December 2020
Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me? I'm looking to find anyone who knew a Thomas Walton who lived on Co-Operative Terrace in Trimdon Grange? Back in the day, he was a butcher for CWS and had three brothers, I think? He was born around 1932. Does anyone remember him, please?
Mrs Jo Bolton

28th September 2020
Stumbling across this website for the village of Trimdon, I was pleased to see a family history section. I have direct ancestors in Trimdon: Elizabeth 'do' age 20 [-24*] and her elder female relative Frances Todd, age 65 [–69*].
*Ages are quoted to the nearest 5 below in the 1841 census.
This may be her mother, although it would make her mother anything from 41 to 49 when having Elizabeth. I believe that this Elizabeth had married a seaman Charles Webb Day, in 1840 in Stockton. Perhaps he was at sea on census night and so was not at home to be enumerated.
Whatever the family relationships, if anyone has any details regarding this family, then or subsequently, I would be very pleased to hear from them.
My email is
Nigel Roche

November 12th 2019
My daughter found a small brown suitcase in a loft in North Northumberland. It's contents belonged to Mrs.H.Cowell of 10 Ash Grove Trimdon Station. There are many letters and photographs along with some personal artefacts. We wondered if any of your readership remembers Hannah (nee Jefferson), and her husband Ted. I've attached some photos from the case. Many thanks,
Jimmy France.
Click to view larger picture     Click to view larger picture   Click to view larger picture

August 28th 2019
Does anyone have any information on a Thomas Butler who lived in Trimdon in the 1930s and played the organ at the local church and had a brother called John and sister Maria? He is my great grandfather and I’m looking to find out more about him. Thanks, Mr Maitland Bruce

  • November 2nd 2019
    Hi Maitland. My name is Andrew Butler and I suspect we are related! My family is from Trimdon and I come from a long line of Thomas Butlers,and at least one John Butler! Do you have any other names to go off or information to help? My wife is on but can't find a 'Maria', although there is at least one 'Mary'.


August 22nd 2019
Hello, I'm searching for anyone who has Bells in their family tree, they lived In Trimdon. Any information welcome.
Dawn Meakin

August 11th 2019
Hello, I am trying to find information about my long lost fathers family, named Clark. The family lived at 13 West Lane, Trimdon.
Kenneth, 2 brothers, father Henry Clark and wife Elizabeth Ann, formerly Parnaby. Any information is a help, thank you
Miranda Sundstrom (email available)

May 3rd 2019
Emily with John Winnard behind herMy great-grandparents John and Mary Winnard lived in Trimdon. Photo is my grandmother Emily with John Winnard behind her.
They were there in the 1881 census at 1 Office Row and in 1891 at 15 Overmans Row, Trimdon Grange.They had several children by this stage, Edward, John, Alice, Martha, Elizabeth, Hugh, William, Thomas, Frederick, Mary Jane and Emily and possibly a couple more! John Snr was a pit worker as were his sons later on. Question - can anyone advise?
a) I cant seem to find pictures or maps of the streets
b) would the children have gone to school in Trimdon or elsewhere?
c) how can I get a list of the children at school
d) ditto for the pit workers?
Thanks in advance! Mrs Valerie Slater, Email

October 9th 2018
I have a book called the Soft Tongue and the Bones It Broke, it was presented to Sarah Smith in 1889 by the teachers of the GLGSS Trimdon Grange, I am just trying to find out if there any relatives left in Trimdon, My old army mate sent me it after his wife died, he found this book and sent it to me, his wife was Smith before they got married, so I do think there is a connection, any help would be lovely,
thank you Mr David Williams, (email/phone no. available)

June 18th 2018
I live in Canada and planning a trip to walk around Trimdon during the 3rd week in August 2018, to get a sense of where my late grandfather and his family lived. I am looking to find relatives of my late grandfather, Henry Curry Mitchell. He died in Canada in 1949. His father was John G Mitchell and his mother was Mary Ann Mitchell. Siblings included George, Emily, John and Margaret. I would be most grateful for any information regarding my family.
Thanks, Shar Michell

January 25th 2018
Subject: Carr/Cuthbertson/Greer
I'm trying to trace my late father's family history on his mothers side. Her name was Annie Carr who married my grandfather Ernest Greer in the early 1900's. Annie Carr moved away from Trimdon when married, she died a few years after the birth of my father due to TB. I believe her family name was Cuthbertson. Grandfather Carr was a miner at Trimdon. I remember visiting him in a miners bungalow which had only 2 rooms the living room had a hot water tap beside the fire range, this was in early 1960. Please can you help?
Thanks in advance. Ruth Carr ( different Carr)

  • Friday 23rd February 2018
    Ruth Carr, Annie Carr was my husband's aunt, Bill his cousin. We live in one of the miners cottages where your grandfather lived. What information would you like regarding your grandmother?  From: Elizabeth Carr

October 12, 2017 1:51 pm

Subject: Brown / Hall family from Deaf Hill
I'm researching my family tree. My grandfather was Thomas Whaley Brown (b 1874) of 19 Station Lane and then of Deaf Hill Terrace. His wife was Isabel ( nee Hall ), and they had 4 kids between 1903-1919.
Margaret died in 1907 when she fell down a well aged 4. Others were Frank, Elsie and Jack - my dad who later moved to Thornley. He was a sparky at the pit.
Anyone know anything about them ? Franks family still live in the area, I believe his great granddaughter Courtney runs a riding school there. I live in Somerset and would love to hear about my family.
Thanks, Colin S Brown

September 1st 2021
Reply from Mrs. Gillian Hudson: This is my family. My father was also Thomas Whaley Brown, Elsie and Jack were my grandads brother and sister. It would be nice to hear from you.

Saturday 29th July 2017
Subject: I am a relative of the late Albert John Elvin and his wife Jeanie Hartforth Elvin. Any info you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks Mrs.J.M.Hargreaves

July 21, 2017 1:14 pm
Subject: 1905 street names
Hi, does anyone know if there was a Clark street in Trimdon in 1905? and also a Pit Street in the same year. I cant find either of these streets on any old maps I have viewed. Thanks, Sarah Bell

Thursday July 20, 2017
Subject: John William Oslar Scott
John William Oslar Scott was the grandson of John William Scott from Deaf Hill Trimdon. J W Oslar Scott was born in 1898, who were his parents please. Thank you, K. Scott

  • Sunday July 30th 2017
    I saw the request for information on the parents of John William Oslar Scott from K Scott. I am interested in Trimdon families so I did a little research to see if I could help.
    I believe the grandparents are John William Scott, b:1837 - Thornley and Isabella Hall b: 1838 – Hetton – le - Hole. They married in June 1856. I believe they had eight children, Ruth, John William, Richard Halls, Isabella, Elizabeth Ann, Mary Jane, Margaret Ann and Mark. The last two were born in Trimdon, the others in Quarrington Hill.
    The 1901 Census shows that Elizabeth age 28 and Mark age 21 are still at home with their parents. J.W.O Scott age 2 is shown as a grand child, born Trimdon Foundry.
    I suspect that the child is Elizabeth’s who is listed as a daughter (not married). My suggestion is that K Scott purchase a copy of the child’s birth certificate from Durham County Council. They have it listed as: SCOTT, John William O 1898.
    Hope this helps, John Robinson

Friday 19th May 2017

William Coates or John William Coates
Hello, I am seeking the baptism of an ancestor William Coates or John William Coates, he states he was born in Trimdon 1791 -1793. HE was well educated, from his letters and writing but his birth and parents are a mystery. I have checked Segefield records with no luck. Help needed please.
Thank you, Rosie

Thursday 20th April 2017
Trace my nieces
I would like to trace my nieces Susan Ann Towns and Linda Towns who were born in Trimdon in !963 and !965.Their parents were Robert Gerrard Towns (my brother) and Jean nee Thornton. I would be very grateful if anyone knows of their whereabouts so I can get in touch.
Regards, Ann Simpson

Saturday 15th April 2017
John James Duddin
Hi, I am trying to trace family of my late father in law, John James(Jack)Duddin. DOB 1915, born in Trimdon, was a miner then joined Royal Navy in WW2. His Mother was Jane Frances Duddin. I have no other information.
Regards, Jo Duddin.

  • Friday 7th July 2017
    My family were also named Duddin and lived nearby perhaps we are related?
    Fiona Lettice

Tuesday 28th March 2017
Trying to trace the McHale family
My uncle, John McHale, was landlord of the 'Fox and Hounds' pub in Trimdon Village in the1950s/60. He married Winifred Cunningham of Sedgefield.I don't know anything about his family who may have lived in Trimdon before that time. Any information gratefully received.
Regards, Monica Waters

  • Tuesday 4th April 2017
    I vaguely remember the McHale Family and seem to remember they had a son John about the same age as my youngest brother.
    A quick search on the Family Search. org website shows that John McHale was born June Q 1908 and Winnifred May Cunningham June Q 1907. The 1911 Census shows that john's parents were John and Margaret ages 36 and 39 respectively both born in Turlough parish , Co Mayo, Ireland. Children Mary Tirothea age 10 and Margaret aged 8 born in Turlough, son John in Trimdon. Another son William born 1912 in Trimdon after the census.
    Believe John and Margaret Berry were married in 1899.
    There was another McHale family in Trimdon, Martin and his wife Mary, also from Co. Mayo. This family shows in the 1871 and later census and had at least 11 children. I could not make any connection between these families which could lead to further research.
    John Robinson, Canada
  • Friday 7th April 2017
    Many thanks to John Robinson of Canada who replied so promptly to my request....just to add that I am the niece of Winifred May Cunningham and the cousin of her son John. The Cunninghams of Sedgefeld were, like the McHales, Irish by descent, and had connections in the 19th. century to the City Of Durham. I'll follow up the leads you gave. Regards, Monica Waters
  • Sunday 20th May 2018
    I am the granddaughter of John & Margaret McHale and niece of John McHale. Some of the information you have received from Canada is incorrect and if I can help you please contact me at "". I am also in contact with McHale family in Co Mayo. Regards, Pat Hill (nee Robinson)


Friday 17th March 2017
Thomas William Howell
Hello, I am trying to find out more information about my great grandfather Thomas William Howell. He was living in Low Hogg Street, Trimdon in 1910 where my grandmother Elizabeth Ann Howell was born. My grandmother had a sister Evelyn and a brother Thomas William Howell born 1914. Sadly my Great Grandfathers wife Elizabeth Howell died shortly of the birth of their son. Thomas William Howell went on to re-marry Mary Bellis in 1916. My Grandfather worked in the mines in the Trimdon area. My grandmother moved down to London around the age of 16 and i believe contact was lost so my mother did not get to meet her grandfather, I would love to find maybe a photo of Thomas William Howell for my family tree and any information about his life in Trimdon.
Would love to hear from anyone who could help.
Regards, Susan Mitchell

Thursday 16 March 2017
John Smith born 1926 -
Hi, I am trying to track down relatives of my grandfather John Smith who died in 2002. He was born in Trimdon in 1926 and the only other information I have is his mother's maiden name was Davidson. Any help would be gratefully received.
Regards, Mark Smith

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