Tuesday 29th December 2015
Lydia and George Robinson :
I have a postcard from a Mrs. Lydia Robinson at 12 St Albans Terrace, Trimdon Grange. The photo card of a child was sent to my grandmother in the US (New Mexico) I expect around 1910-1915. There is a record that Lydia died in 1916. I cannot find a record of her husband George, however. Looking for information about the husband George Robinson (who was a British citizen born in Silver City, New Mexico, around 1888) and perhaps a small girl (apparently a son died in 1923 at age 9)
Thanks, Mary Harris

Wednesday 4th November 2015
Hello I’m researching my family tree and know that my great grandfather John Glaister was in Trimdon in 1901,his parents are Robert Glaister and Alice Gofton if anyone can help with any information regards D Meakin

  • Tuesday 10th November 2015 at 6.15pm
    If you would like to get in touch with me, I may have some information for you. Linda Wilkinson

Monday 26th October 2015
John (Jack) Anderson, New ZealandJohn (Jack) Anderson : Hello there from New Zealand! My name is Anjali Prasad and I am from the tiny island of Fiji, now residing in Wellington. I have been a nurse in this Rest Home for the past 7 years and last week admitted an 80 year old lovely gentleman by the name of John (Jack) Anderson. He has short term memory loss but my word he told me all about his wonderful young life in his village of Trimdon Grange, County Durham. He is still single and is missing his 4 younger brothers who he left behind many years ago in Trimdon. He has no money to visit them but one day I have promised him to reunite him with his family. Hope you could help. I will get more information re: names of his brothers. Thought you may be interested, Bye for now, Anjali

Saturday 24th October 2015
Whist browsing through the galleries I noticed a shot of Jimmy Welch driving a horse drawn Landau, does anyone know if he was married to the local Midwife/district Nurse who covered the area in the 1920s to 50s? My mother used to do some work for Mrs Welch and as child I used to go with her, and Jimmy was in poor health and I knew him well. I think he died in the late 1950s. Thanks, George Lodge

  • Thursday 19th October 2017
    I’m replying to the inquiry by George Lodge on 24/10/15 regarding the photo of Jimmy Welch driving a Landau carriage. I believe Jimmy was my grandfather (although he died before I was born) my grand mother was called Ethel Welch and she was the midwife / district nurse for the area in the 20’s. The address I have for that time is 5 St Albans Terrace, Trimdon.
    My father was also Jimmy Welch (James Hedley Welch) born in the 1920’s. I have researched quite a bit of information about Jimmy’s (snr) service in WW1 etc. Also in the photo album containing the photo George refers to, there are pictures of the Knights of the Golden Horn jewels. I have a number of these and have always wondered what they were about.
    Sadly I have very little information about my family from Trimdon. I believe that my grandfather may have had a brother but have been unable to find any further information about this. My dad worked for Trimdon Motor Bus company prior to WW2 as a fitter before joining the RAF.
    Kind Regards, Tony Welch

Monday 19th October 2015
Tracing Stephenson family members ;
Trying to find out more about my father’s family. Mother Elizabeth Stephenson, 20 South Plantation Road. Died about 1929. Father possibly Hezekiah William Stephenson. Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks, Graham Stephenson   

Tuesday 6th October 2015
I’m researching my family tree and have ancestors who lived in Trimdon. Robert Bell who married Rebecca fricker Barron in 1845,also Robert Bell Jr who married Catherine Hewitison in 1875. John Bell who married Margaret Jane Abbot in 1897. Any help in connection with the family history will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Dawn Meakin

  • Saturday 28th May 2016
    Rebecca Frickers daughter Roseanne Bell married my 3x cousin James Dixon ( son of Thomas Dixon and Roseanna Birkett – my g- g aunt) I have more family info if of interest.
    Lesley Austen

Saturday 5th Sept 2015
My Great Grandfather Albert John Elvin died in WW1 aged 33. He lived at 4 Dunston St Trimdon Colliery. Married to Jeanie HartforthElvin. He was the son of Albert George and Sarah Elvin. Any information please? Thanks, Vanessa Davis
Photos courtesy of Vanessa Davis:

Photos courtesy of Vanessa Davis:

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Friday 9th Oct 2015 at 2pm

  • Thank you for the information regarding my Great Grandad Albert John Elvin. I have seen the memorial with his name on it on the Trimdon Times remembrance photos 2014. My granddad Benjamin Whitley Scott Elvin (Alberts son)came to London as he didn’t want to work down the pits. He was a very successful businessman had his own removals company moving people overseas to Australia, South Africa etc. My granddad died in 1981 of cancer. I wonder how many Elvins are still in Trimdon. Very moving seeing Alberts name on the memorial. I know where his war grave is in France. Grandad never spoke much about his family he was only 3 when his dad died so never knew him. So sad. Thanks, Vanessa Davis
  • Thursday 24th Sept 2015
    Name: John Robinson (email address available – please ask)
    I believe that Albert John Elvin was the son of George Albert Elvinand Sarah Terrington, married 1884 Gateshead. I believe they had about six children, 1901 Census shows: Albert John, Ann Elizabeth, George,Samuel, Walter and Evelyn.. George Albert was previously married toMary Weldon, 1879 Tynemouth. George and Mary had a daughter Elizabeth Hannah born in 1880. Elizabeth Hannah married John Morgan in 1889 who were the grandparents of Doris Morgan. Elizabeth Hannah re-married in1942 to David Simms. There is a picture of Elizabeth Hannah and David Simms and a story by Doris Morgan on the Trimdon Times website.
  • Sunday 6th Sept 2015
    Vanessa Davis…this may be of interest to you,
    Marriages, Sunderland District – Record Number: 420234.1  Location: Monkwearmouth
    Church: Venerable Bede  Denomination: Anglican
    31 Dec 1904 Albert John Elvin (bachelor, miner), age 19, of 188 Roker Ave, son of Albert George Southgate Elvin (miner) married Jeanie Hartforth Scott (spinster), age 18, of 17 Monk St, daughter of Ebenezer Scott (tailor)
    Witnesses: Anna E. Elvin, Alexander Bruce Scott.
    Taken from Durham Records Online…Hope this is of some help…also this from the CWG commision…
    Peter Skelton

Thursday 26th March 2015
I am looking for any information about my grandfather, Henry Stone who was living in Cooperative Terrace Trimdon at the time of the 1911 census. He was a shot firer and presumably worked in one of the local pits. Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mike Stone

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