Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 at 2:00 pm.
Can anyone help? My name is Brian Harvey, and I am trying to research my Mothers past. Her name was Violet Eleanor Newton who was born in Trimdon on the 6/7/1914 and lived at 17 OVERMANS ROW. Her fathers name was Fred Allen Newton Born in Darlington in 1890, and lived in the RISE CARR area. In fact the Newtons lived in that area for more than 40 years prior to the 1911 census. Violets Mothers name was Margaret Mary Ann Robinson Newton, late Ashcroft, formally French. She was born in Minton Durham in 1885, her father being Thomas French.
Following the death of Margaret Newton when Violet was quite young, it would appear that father and daughter moved to Hampshire where they spent the rest of their lives.I’m sure there must be a lot of long lost relatives in the Darlington area, so any information that can enlighten the past would be appreciated. Thank you, Brian Harvey on

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 at 9:11 pm.
My great grandfather James Hadfeild and his brother Isaac Hadfeild lived at Trimdon Colliery in the late 1860s and early seventy’s, Isaac went to Australia, but James stayed in the Trimdons, and later lived at Wingate, is there anyone who is a Hadfeild or related to James, it would be nice to find out. Many thanks, Alan Hepworth. on

Friday, July 13th, 2012 at 6:11 pm.
Hi readers. SCOTT family. My father, Thomas Lamb Scott, was born at The Pharmacy, Front Street, Trimdon (owned by his father) in 1905 but he moved away from the area, marrying my Mum, Nellie May Wassell 1902. I would be delighted to hear ( from anyone knowing of this family, Thomas Lamb Scott 1869 (born Trimdon Grange Colliery), Ann Payne 1863, Thirza Ann Scott 1897, Sarah Turnbull Scott 1903, Thomas Lamb Scott 1905.  Thanks, Peter Wassell Scott

Wednesday, May 30th 2012 at 11:30 am.
Can anyone help? My name is Trevor Howard, I am looking for my cousins whose names are John Carter, Mary Henderson and Jeannie Willis. If anyone can contact them ask them to call or email (Request contact details) I have not seen them for 10/15 years, need to get in contact and my wife wants to meet them.
Thank you, Trevor
30/05/12 :  DS will try and get a message to John, Jeanie or Mary and let them know you are trying to contact them
31/05/12: Hi, I’m a reporter at the Hartlepool Mail and write a weekly column that tries to reunite people. Would you like an article in the newspaper? Please let me know at

Monday, May 14th 2012 at 10:30 am.
Looking for Hendersons in the Trimdon area. I am descended from John Henderson born 1856 Trimdon whos parents were Matthew Henderson and Ellen nee Oliver. John had a half brother Matthew living in the area at the time of WW1.
Thanks, Jennifer Sharpe
**  Update 4th Feb 2014: Thank you so much, due to my message I have now managed to contact living descendants in Trimdon of my 2 x great grandfather Matthew Henderson. I am planning a visit soon.
Jennifer Sharpe in the Midlands

Thursday, February 28th 2012 at 11:45 pm.
Can anyone help with  a name, a  Nicky  Sedgwick, believed to be related to me, Dennis Sedgwick in America has not heard from her for some time, emails are going unanswered, someone is applying for same birth and death etc certificates as me for the Johnson to Sedgwick family, my late grandad John Johnson married Hannah Elliott, but his parents of Stokesley were John Johnson and Annie Sedgwick, believed to be Annie’s father John also and going back generations believed to be related  to the famous Sedgwick family, namely Kyra Sedgwick married to Kevin Bacon the actor in USA, Kyra is into acting too, her cousin Edie, hung out with Andy Warhol in the 1960s, she committed suicide, and she was friendly with popstar Bob Dylan, there are Sedgwicks too who bought Blackpool pier, where do they all fit in, be lovely to find out who is related to who. I am continuing with research, also does anyone know or related to Jane Allison who married George Elliott farmer, in 1850s, acob was their son who had the Black Bull pub in Trimdon Village from the 1880s, and then William their son took over till 1950s.
I highly recommend anyone to do their family tree, its amazing what you come up with and who you are related to, I am getting certificates so if you are related to me  copies can be given of anything, will be doing a book when all this is uncovered properly.
Thank you in advance for all your help. Good luck to anyone doing their family tree.
Linda Francis,

Friday, February 3rd at 10:20 pm.
NOBLE FAMILY.  I am researching my husbands ancestors on his mothers side.  Hannah Noble, Alice, Humphrey, Jim, Martha –  descendants of Humphrey (Dad).
I am told there were quite a few Nobles related in Trimdon Village.  We have an address South Cedar Road and Dyke Street and William Street, Trimdon.  Ancestors were Humphrey and Ann Dawson.  One of the Nobles had been married before and they had about 10 children -all girls. I am told a Thomas Noble was in the family too.  Don’t know if  these are your in your tree?
Thank you; Jill Love   Email:

Reply from Ian Noble, 9th July 2012;
NOBLE FAMILY – Having read your request for information regarding the Noble family,  the names you mentioned are I think my families relatives.  My name is Ian Noble (Trimdon Village) My late father was Albert Noble born Low Hogg Street, Trimdon Colliery 1908 , I believe that Humphrey , Charlie, Hannah, Martha, Jimmy,  and Annie are my fathers brothers and sisters.  Hope this is of some help.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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