Please use the Contact Form to record a quick note of any crime, vandalism or other incidents happening in and around Trimdon. Note: Your name or email will NOT be published.

Many minor - sometimes major - incidents are never reported in the local papers or anywhere else.
This leaves residents unaware of what may be happening on their doorstep. Being forewarned may prompt people to take extra care where needed.
Information is not passed on to anyone else - if you decide to report an incident to Police please use the links below or dial 101.

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  1. Is Trimdon really such a bad place to live? Who is responsible for all this shocking behavior? don’t you have a Neighbourhood Watch? where are the troublesome areas where decent people people should not live? We were thinking of moving to Trimdon, found a lovely house but now very concerned it may not be such a good idea. Please advise us, thank you

    • Hi, where are you considering moving to? Specific Actions have been listed to reduce the ASB. Police know who culprits are. Community action group set up and neighbourhood watch are helping put. Things have quietened down.

      All in all, the community working together has made it much more difficult for the idiots.

      Fishburn and station town (even sedgefield) all have the same issues, much like most villages in the north east.

    • Comments from our Facebook page ( )
      Brian Craggs: Move to station town it’s much nicer
      Elaine Jones Thomas: Lived in trimdon all my life and always been a nice place friendly untill the last few yrs gone downhill
      Raymond Scott: Move to Fishburn instead it’s paradise
      Geraldine Wilson: Don’t be put off moving to Trimdon. Check the area out where your house is and speak to the neighbours to find out exactly. Crime has gone up a bit recently, but to be fair where has it not!
      Julie Slater Hood: Definitely not what it was!
      Vicki Gibbon: I love living in the village
      Sheree Lyons: I moved to Trimdon 5 years ago and I have never experienced and anti social behaviour. I get annoyed at the amount of people that do not use the car park at the coop and just plonk their cars on the road. Turning it into a white knuckle ride. On the whole I like it. X
      Victoria Dobson: We have Neighbourhood watch in Trimdon Grange, I run the one inthe Grange. But since the former Police officer that ran Neighbourhood watch in Sedgefied district retired, we no longer get updates of crimes around the area. I can not publicize incidents if Police fail to inform me, they way they used too I have lived on Trimdon Grange all my life. Yes sadly there are bad residents and families but tou get that everywhere. What we should be doing is getting back ro the community we used to be.
      Matt Cole: Lovely village with a minority of idiots. Plenty community action groups now in place and making a difference.
      Mary Ann Cross: Trimdon is the best place in the world .
      Angela Morris: Lived in trimdon 40 years to a trimdon man good place to bring my children up xx
      Deborah Connor: I’ve lived in Trimdon Village all my life (52 yrs), like everywhere we have a few idiots, overall the village is a good place to live.
      Shammy Sheridan: Doesn’t matter wer u live it’s all mad round here x
      Catriona Miller Frampton: I moved to Trimdon 6 years ago and on the whole it’s a decent place to live. The country side and surrounding area is picturesque and rural while still being close to towns. We’ve lived all over and it’s a place where kids still have some freedom and the trouble is caused by a minority of idiots but that is the same everywhere

    • Certainly check out which Trimdon you are going to. There are idiots in them all but there are some nice streets. I moved out there because I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take having to check 4 times that I had locked the doors and all the windows. If I heard something in the street wondering if my car was on fire. I won’t dent there are good streets but Trimdon isn’t for me anymore

  2. Some idiots flying about on a quad and off road bike hopefully the police won’t be too far behind them

  3. What’s going on with all these loud cars in Trimdon lately I’ve seen several black focus st black fiesta orange wheels blue fiesta white Subaru gray Subaru white Audi blue corsa red Toyota anyone else find it annoying

  4. I do not wish to give my identification unless it may help police catch whom it was on said:

    At around 12:15 tonight,In Trimdon colliery,Dennis and Joyce Jordan’s shop window was smashed. Previously, it has been smashed by youths. However this occasion, reported 3 people with hoodies up smashed the window in what was described by the police as ”a good job”. The bangs were loud, continuously. There were three loud bangs which rung through Laurel Crescent, before a pause followed by more. A witness then went on to say they ran up round where the newsagents is (was Harpers) up through there.

    • Very wise not to move there. I lived there and never known a place like it. Now moved away 6 months ago, it is nightmare place. Best forgotten.