Just over 18 months ago, I had decided to put together an article for the local press.
My ‘target’ was a lady who, I had been told, over more years than most of us would care to admit, had devoted much of her time, effort and personal time ceaselessly raising funds all of which went to the Children’s Society. But my article never came about, if only because the lady in question did not want the publicity.

However, in the course of my interview I was immediately and deeply impressed, for it appeared that this lady had taken on not one but a basket of tasks that would have daunted even the most stout-hearted. Parish support for the Society; street collections, with much of the work involved undertaken by herself. Distributed collection boxes to willing households; organised coffee mornings throughout the year. An annual sponsored ‘knit’ that has been a successful money raiser. The ‘Christingle Service’, which each year in the church of St Mary Magdalene unites parents and children and has become as part of village/parish life.

It is not easy to calculate exactly how much these events have raised for the Society over the last 40 years, but it is certainly in excess of £60,000.

But that is not all; this lady has taken a great interest in village life. Even finding time over all of these years to keep a photographic record of village life, a collection that will eventually be donated to the Parish for future generations to appreciate. For me however, what stood out at that interview was the lady’s self-effacing modesty; the fact that she wanted little or no recognition for what amounted to a lifetime’s dedication. It was a record that had to have some official recognition.

So it is now right and fitting that this remarkable lady should be nominated for and awarded the honour of Member of the Order of the British Empire.

For you, Margaret (Peggy) Robinson, MBE, this order is richly deserved.


Mark Robberts.