Recently council tax has increased by 1.99% and this is wrong on many levels.

It may look peculiar to some people but there is a reason why the council tax rise is 1.99%. It is that exact percentage because your council decided to raise it without your consultation and that is the maximum they could do so without having to ask you to do it.

Either they feel it is OK to do that or they know you would not accept it at a higher level than 1.99% given the choice otherwise they would have done exactly that.

Don’t worry to much though you are not alone. I checked with many of my friends living in many different council areas and it doesn’t matter if it is Labour or Conservative administration the result was the same. The only exception I was notified of was when there was a freeze.

Personally I find this type of behaviour typical of the LibLabCon and it goes to show they don’t care about you or what you want. In hard times they ask more money from you when your living standards and income have most likely not improved.

This election you need to consider who you want your MP to be. Do you want someone who won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour of more of the same. The only chance of change and a voice you have is to vote UKIP.


John Leathley, UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sedgefield’


John Leathley – Council Tax