I am a simple man with a simple life but I have learned a few different things along the way. One in particular is where to shop for your food. This may not seem political but it is, after you have read this consider the supermarket to be the LibLabCon and the smaller stores to be UKIP. It may not make sense now but bare with me as it will by the end.

I used to shop at Tesco. They were about the same as everyone else in price and had similar products but slowly over time they became more expensive and eventually I could no longer support them with my business.

The over expansion of the supermarkets ultimately damaged them, they bought the market and set the price but left a gap for the smaller stores.

These smaller stores like Aldi and Lidl replaced the stores that were once for the working man and filled a gap in the market. The profiteering of the larger stores at the expense of their customers ultimately drove many of them away to the point of never returning.

I for one am glad these stores came along because we needed them more than ever and the more people who use them the more the supermarkets begin to learn, do not mess with your customers because they are ultimately your boss.


John Leathley UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sedgefield.’




John Leathley – Supermarkets vs Smaller Stores