The Labour, Conservative and Green parties have released their manifesto and everyone with an interest has started to read what is in them just as I have done.

One thing I found in the Labour manifesto that stood out (other than no to a referendum which I have already had my say on) was about raising the minimum wage to over £8.

This is a well natured thing to offer but it is short-sighted and here is why. Who is going to pay for it? Small business cannot afford to move people to £8 per hour so what will they do? The most likely outcome is they will reduce the amount of staff they have in order to deal with it effectively sacking some of their work force. That’s great news for the person who thought they would end up with a pay rise if they voted Labour isn’t it?

Big business may be able to manage with it but small certainly won’t. I predict people would cut on their workforce regardless of business size due to the inherent cost that would be forthcoming with a rise like this.

Don’t get me wrong though, people deserve more money but there is a better way. At UKIP’s summer conference (which was before the conservatives) we announced no tax on the minimum wage as our policy. This gives more money to those who need it and doesn’t cost the companies anything.

That is how you help the working class that Labour have forgotten and that is how you make sure they still have a job after it.

Only UKIP has a credible plan for the working class and only UKIP represent the working class.


John Leathley UKIP Sedgefield Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

14 April 2015