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Scott Wood, Conservative Election Candidate 2015I am a former Soldier and if I achieve my objective of being your MP I would be proud to stand up for your interests. I am determined to work hard for you and your families should you return me to Westminster in the General Election in May.

Note added 9th March 2015:
“I read in February in the Northern Echo comments from Labour, and recently from UKIP, that the Conservatives do not seem bothered about the Parliamentary Constituency of Sedgefield. I’m afraid I must correct both party’s and tell you that I am standing in this seat for the Conservatives. I do care for the area, and have been out working hard for the seat, and will keep working hard as I put maximum effort in. If elected I will work as hard as I can for everyone in the constituency, and not segregate the areas.

We see far too often those elected to represent us, on our door step and in Parliament, just turn the path and do everything for their personal positions. Well, I am in this to work for you, and I assure you of this. If elected you will be employing me, so I will be working for you.”

Statement from Scott Wood Conservative Candidate to be your next Member of Parliament.

Now 40, I spent two decades serving in the Royal Tank Regiment and Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Regiment, with deployments to Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq on peace and stability operations. Following my return to civilian life last year, I opened a restaurant.

As a former member of the Army serving in Iraq under our previous MP, Tony Blair, I am appalled the Iraq inquiry cost so much money and has not yet been published, especially when we bear in mind our service personnel were killed, seriously maimed and some are still mentally distressed today because of their harrowing memories on the battlefield.

My primary focus is more investment to the Sedgefield area, regeneration projects that will bring jobs, growth and improved housing to us all. I welcome recent figures showing that since 2010 the number of people on unemployment benefits is down by 47% in the Constituency. We need to stick to the long term economic plan, it’s the only way to ensure that we keep growing the economy and creating jobs, so that more families here in the North are given the opportunity to have the security of a job and a regular pay packet. That’s why I ask you to vote for me, I will do everything in my power to deliver this to you.

I want to see the income tax threshold continue to rise, so you have lower taxes, and better still, see more people removed from tax. I am appalled that our Labour MP, voted against raising the threshold, meaning low income families would be worse off and taxed. In April the income tax threshold will be £10500 from the £6475 it was under Labour back in 2010. We are on average, £700 a year better off, I and my colleagues will continue to get the threshold to rise in the future.

“ We need better social housing and more affordable housing to buy. I welcomed recent figures showing that the Conservatives’ Help to Buy scheme is helping families to achieve their dream of buying their own home, with so many here, on our doorstep, having access to a mortgage”.

“I believe in a National Health Service, free for all people, that delivers care and support when people need it most. I want to see quality and qualified staff in all care settings. We need to find a way to deliver local services without the waste and inefficiency.”

“A good local economy needs a good transport infrastructure. Killing off Durham Tees Valley Airport will kill off our area, and I’m not prepared to let that happen. I will do everything in my power as the MP to save it if elected.”

The recent announcement of additional funding to support businesses and infrastructure in Sedgefield is fantastic news, helping to create jobs and support businesses. The area, has been allocated an additional £13.9 Million. This brings the Local Enterprise Partnership’s total allocation of Growth Deal funding to £104.2 Million. More jobs are coming, please don’t let Labour mess this up again.

I was asked what drives me to want to be your next MP, achieving results for our community is my reason. “I want to stand up for every person in society, not because you are part of a certain club or union or family. If you need support, the MP should be there for you, every hour of the day. I will fight for the things that matter, whether it’s improving school standards or creating new opportunities for young people to reduce welfare dependency. I want more jobs fairs, not job centres shuffling paper.”

I feel strongly about communities coming together and pledged to support local pubs and breweries. The three pledges are highlighted in the Manifesto for Pubs and Real Ale by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, which sets out reforms needed by the next Government; support well-run community pubs, promote Britain’s breweries and represent pub goers and beer drinkers.

“The political drive to beat cancer must match the pace of progress in research. That’s why I’m backing the ‘Cross Cancer Out’ campaign and joining the fight to beat cancer sooner.”

My website where my work can be followed, including contact details scottwood.org.uk.

Scott Wood-

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Scott Wood Election Candidate Article
27th February 2015



Scott Wood Election Candidate Article — 3 Comments

  1. I recently met Scott on my doorstep. He seems genuine. I had not realised that after voting Labour so long, we really have been left by Labour. The Conservatives have improved schools, cut tax, and I got a job to. I hope we vote Labour out.

  2. since the cons.. came in the northeast has been crippled more than the south with cuts i think ukip gets my vote

    • Our long-term plan for the North East

      Issue: On 27 February, the Chancellor announced a six-point long-term economic plan for the North East.

      • Our long-term economic plan, and vision of a Northern Powerhouse, is already delivering for the North East, with the area growing and creating jobs. There are now 45,000 more people with the security of work since 2010 – giving more people the security and self-respect that comes with a real job and a regular wage.

      • We are determined to go further and will keep working through our plan to secure a brighter future for hardworking people across the North East by making the most of the region’s strengths in science, chemicals, manufacturing and exports, as well as ensuring we have world-class infrastructure and backing business to create more jobs.

      • This plan aims to deliver 50,000 new jobs and boost the North East’s growth by another £6 billion – helping secure a better future for the North East and the whole of Britain.

      Our long-term economic plan for the North East aims to:

      • Raise the long term growth rate of the North East to at least the forecast long term growth rate of the whole UK by building a Northern Powerhouse – adding an extra £6 billion to the North East economy in real terms by 2030, equivalent to over £2,000 per person.

      • Create 50,000 new jobs in the North East by backing the core strengths of the local economy like chemical innovation and exports.

      • Deliver £4.5 billion investment in transport in the North East, the largest in a generation, including £2.7 billion for the Intercity Express Programme, developing plans for 140mph trains from Newcastle to York which, combined with a potential HS3 scheme, could cut journeys between Newcastle and Manchester by up to a quarter, improved services and new trains on northern rail routes, and £1 billion for roads in the North East, enabling transformational upgrades to the A1. This also includes a new review into support for regional airports like Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley that could be affected by Air Passenger Duty devolution.

      • Build on the North East’s strengths in science, chemicals, manufacturing and exports, by increasing government support for inward investment and trade, backing the chemicals industry through new proposals from the Centre for Process Innovation, extending the successful Tees Valley Energy Enterprise Zone and establishing a new health science UTC in Newcastle promoting science and IT skills.

      • Boost tourism and the rural economy in the North East to attract an additional 150,000 overseas visitors each year with new investment for Lindisfarne Castle, Hadrian’s Wall and the Captain Cook Museum.

      • Devolve greater powers to the great cities and counties of the North East – by continuing work with the North East combined authority on devolution proposals and agreeing in principle to a skills devolution with the Tees Valley combined authority once it has been formed.

      Key Political Points

      • The number of people without a job increased by 50,000 in Labour’s last term. In February-April 2005 there were 71,000 people unemployed in the North East, compared to 121,000 in February-April 2010.

      • Nearly 45,000 more people in work since 2010 in the North East.