Press Release April 9th 2015
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At the start of the week the media all started to ask me questions about my time in the Army in the Joint Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Regiment, where I was ordered by the Government in 2003, led by Tony Blair, as Prime Minister, to look for the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and the Smoking Gun!

I was interviewed by BBC Look North, and asked questions on Tony Blair leading the Labour Campaign, on the economy and on the EU. I opened questions on Iraq and the expenses of Phil Wilson, the now Labour Candidate.

I stated, The Labour party must feel embarrassed, bringing out Tony Blair, because Miliband is so weak for this country. I mentioned that Tony Blair had privately said the Conservative have the best economic plan. Labour ready to tax you, another £3000 a year. I also mentioned the unethical expenses of Phil Wilson, especially as the 9th highest claimer, claiming over £50,000 in one period for travel, then giving his partner over a £20,000 pay rise. I raised my concerns that some folk cannot afford the bus fair to the job centre, and was ashamed to think we have let Phil Wilson represent us in the past. Phil Wilson does not back the Recall bill, so if you are not satisfied you can call your MP back to the polls.

On the EU, I was clear and to the point. Every man and woman has a right to speak. We must hold a referendum, we must allow the people to have their say, and put this to bed, once and for all. Remember Phil Wilson voted against allowing you have your say on Europe.

Once upon a time, people looked at Sedgefield as a safe seat for Labour, but today, it is far from that. In the saying of many on the doorstep, “It’s a three horse race, and one horse and seen his time”.

In the guardian this week was part of my interview with Marina Hyde, all part of the Blair visit: In a little piece of cosmic satire, though, the Tory candidate, Scott Wood, is a former army tank commander who was sent to Iraq in the immediate aftermath of the 2003 invasion. His job? To search for weapons of mass destruction. Wood was with what was then called the Joint Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Regiment, and is a WMD expert – a bit like Blair once affected to be.

“We looked for these WMD for about four weeks,” Wood tells me, “then our orders were changed. We were told there weren’t any WMD, and we were sent to guard the oilfields. And eventually we ended up doing humanitarian work.” Well, isn’t that the Iraq war journey right there.

Wood also served in Afghanistan, looking for small chemical factories and terrorist set-ups. His desire to get into politics was partly motivated by the kit failures on both missions. “In Iraq we used to practise with CS gas, which isn’t harmful, and you could smell it even inside the chemical suits.” Perhaps best you didn’t encounter any WMD, then. “Well yes, I’m quite glad we didn’t find any”.

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Scott Wood – Blair’s Smoking Gun  10/4/2015