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Parliamentary election 7th May 2015

“I led the campaign to bring Hitachi to Newton Aycliffe”
Not true, of course Labour played a part in attracting Hitachi to the North East but to claim credit is overstepping the mark and stretching the truth. The initiative was spearheaded by Durham County Council with active support from local leading Conservatives including Lord Bates, Darlington Conservative group and local media. The decision ultimately rested with a Conservative Transport Secretary.

Claire Perry, the Conservative Rail Minister said, “This is quite frankly a desperate lie from Labour. It was this Conservative government that awarded the £4.5 billion contract for the Intercity Express Programme, seeing Hitachi assemble an intercity fleet of 92 complete trains at Newton Aycliffe, seeing 730 skilled jobs created at Newton Aycliffe with a further 200 jobs during construction of the factory itself. The Newton Aycliffe factory was awarded another contract to build 500 carriages of The Class 800 trains by this government only last years. Thanks to the Conservatives’ long term economic plan, we can invest in rail and infrastructure and businesses are investing in the UK, meaning more jobs for people. The biggest risk to all of this progress and our economic security is Ed Miliband and Labour.”

“I supported the University Technical College for South Durham”
UTCs are an initiative from the Conservative side of the Coalition. Phil Wilson had his photo taken in connection with the campaign but the credit rests with Sunderland University, the Baker Dearing Trust and local Conservative politicians who lobbied Lord Baker firstly for a UTC in Darlington and secondly to support a UTC in Newton Aycliffe

“Hard working families are being hit by a cost of living crisis”
No they are not, hard working families are securing a better future with a growing local economy, more jobs, improving wages and lower taxes.

“We will deal with the deficit”
No you won’t, Chancellor Brown deregulated the banks sowing the seeds of collapse, he sold our gold reserves, raided our pensions and don’t forget that most famous Labour bank note of all time “there’s no money left”. How can you trust people who let you down and helped bring our country to its knees?

Labour during their term of office and particularly Gordon Brown and Alasdair Darling reduced our country’s economic status from excellent to the brink of bankruptcy.

Scott Wood

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Scott Wood – Press Release 20th April 2015   20/4/15