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Key Points to think about:

1. Vote Conservative. If you do not we could be saddled with an economically illiterate Labour Government propped up by the far-left SNP. You have seen what has happened in France – don’t let the catastrophe visit the UK.

2. Disposable Income per head has increased by 1.9% in the final three months of 2014. Living standards are now officially higher the when the Coalition took power. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) predicts families will be £900 better off by the end of 2015. A Labour claim that people will be £1,600 worse off excluded tax changes and dates from April 2014.

3. Labour claimed as “complete fantasy” that the private sector could mop up jobs lost in the public sector. The Institute for Fiscal Studies said the British economy has done incredibly well. Employment is up by 1.9 million. For every job lost in the public sector, four have been created in the private sector.

4. The Consumer Confidence measure rose to +4 in March 2015, its highest level since June 2002. In the past year it has risen nine points. During the Labour years it got as low as -39. Household spending has risen by 3% since 2010. Labour claimed consumers lacked confidence in the economy, they obviously have not read the Consumer Confidence findings.

5. The Office of National Statistics figures show business investment is the fastest growing part of the GDP. Labour claimed investment is woefully weak.

6. The number of people working full time has risen by 1.42 million. 75% of the rise in employment since 2010 has been in full time jobs. 60% of the increase has been in skilled occupations.

7. Honda cars announced recently a £200 million investment in Wiltshire.

8. The Conservatives are committed to creating 2 million jobs in the next Parliament.

9. The UK economy is now 3.7% bigger than any time in its history.

10. In 2014 GDP grew by 2.8%. The fastest rate of growth since 2006. This is the strongest rate for the G7 in 2014. Labour said it was a disappointing recovery.

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Scott Wood – Key Points to think about  10/4/2015