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Statement from Scott Wood, the Conservative Candidate to be your next Member of Parliament.

Scott_Wood_Conservative_Election_CandidateOn 27 February, the Chancellor announced a six-point long-term economic plan for the North East, at the same I handed the Chancellor a letter, outlining the investment needs for the constituency as a whole, the Chancellor stated that the budget in a few weeks is not set in stone, and I hope the suggestions are taken into account for our future.
The Conservatives long-term economic plan, and vision of a Northern Powerhouse, is already delivering for the North East, with the area growing and creating jobs, we have seen 47% off unemployment benefit in the constituency. There are now 45,000 more people with the security of work since 2010 – giving more people the security and self-respect that comes with a real job and a regular wage.

I will join, if elected, to go further and keep working through our plan to secure a brighter future for hardworking people across the Constituency of Sedgefield by making the most of the region’s strengths and back businesses to create more jobs.

This plan aims to deliver 50,000 new jobs and boost the North East’s growth by another £6 billion – helping secure a better future for the North East and the whole of Britain and I will be pushing for jobs on your step.

The Conservative long-term economic plan for the North East aims to:

Raise the long term growth rate of the North East to at least the forecast long term growth rate of the whole UK – adding an extra £6 billion to the North East economy in real terms by 2030, equivalent to over £2,000 per person.

Create 50,000 new jobs in the North East by backing the core strengths of the local economy like chemical innovation and exports.

Deliver £4.5 billion investment in transport in the North East, the largest in a generation, including £2.7 billion for the Intercity Express Programme, developing plans for 140mph trains from Newcastle to York which, combined with a potential HS3 scheme, improved services and new trains on northern rail routes, and £1 billion for roads in the North East, enabling transformational upgrades to the A1. This also includes a new review into support for regional airports like Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley that could be affected by Air Passenger Duty devolution.

Build on the North East’s strengths in science, chemicals, manufacturing and exports, by increasing government support for inward investment and trade, backing the chemicals industry through new proposals from the Centre for Process Innovation, extending the successful Tees Valley Energy Enterprise Zone and establishing a new health science UTC in Newcastle promoting science and IT skills.

Devolve greater powers to the great cities and counties of the North East – by continuing work with the North East combined authority on devolution proposals and agreeing in principle to a skills devolution with the Tees Valley combined authority once it has been formed.

The number of people without a job increased by 50,000 in Labour’s last term. In February-April 2005 there were 71,000 people unemployed in the North East, compared to 121,000 in February-April 2010.

Nearly 45,000 more people in work since 2010 in the North East.

Let me push this forward, and more for you, by voting for me on 7th May, check out my website scottwood.org.uk

4th March 2015

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