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This is an Open Letter that was sent to Mr Wilson, via email on 23 April 2015.

Dear Mr Wilson,

YOUR EXPENSES. I was amazed when I looked on the Independent Parliamentary Standard Authority website (IPSA) at your http://www.parliamentary-standards.org.uk/SearchFunction.aspx

I believe a Member of Parliament’s salary is extremely generous and really should not see an MP rely on the expense system to boost it.

On the IPSA website, where anyone can read the information on your expenses claimed for including travel, office costs and domestic bills etc. The IPSA records show that you claimed £864,732.37, and once updated will be an estimated £1million.

Mr Wilson you voted against raising the income tax threshold to what is today £10,600, and also voted against reducing corporation tax, why. www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/13933/phil_wilson/sedgefield .

According to IPSA records Mr Wilson you claimed £56,000 for travel in one period when other local Northern MPs claimed substantially less. Berwick MP claimed £14,000 less. Hexham MP claimed £36,146.01 less. Easington MP claimed £32,000 less.

From IPSA records it emerges Mr Wilson you employed your partner on a salary in 2012 between £20,000 and £24,999, in 2013/14 it was raised between £35,000 and £39,999. How can this be justified?

HITACHI. I really could not believe my eyes when I read your election communication where you said “I led the campaign to ensure Hitachi built their train building factory in Newton Aycliffe, then the Conservative-led coalition threatened to pull the plug. I am pro-business and pro-fairness, that is why I led the campaign to ensure Hitachi brought their train building factory to the area.

The Response from Claire Perry, the Conservative Rail Minister:

“This is quite frankly a desperate lie from Labour. It was this Conservative government that awarded the £4.5 billion contract for the Intercity Express Programme, seeing Hitachi assemble an intercity fleet of 92 complete trains at Newton Aycliffe, seeing 730 skilled jobs created at Newton Aycliffe with a further 200 jobs during construction of the factory itself. The Newton Aycliffe factory was awarded another contract to build 500 carriages of The Class 800 trains by this government only last years. Thanks to the Conservatives’ long term economic plan, we can invest in rail and infrastructure and businesses are investing in the UK, meaning more jobs for people. The biggest risk to all of this progress and our economic security is Ed Miliband and Labour.”

UNIVERSITY TECHNICAL COLLEGE. Mr Wilson you also said in your election communication,
“I supported the University Technical College (UTC) in South Durham.

UTCs are an initiative from the Conservative side of the Coalition. Mr Wilson you had your photo taken in connection with the campaign but the credit rests with Sunderland University, the Baker Dearing Trust and local Conservative politicians who lobbied Lord Baker for a UTC.

VOTING RECORD. Mr Wilson you voted against an increase in the income tax threshold, which is now £10,600. If Labour had been successful the lowest earners would be paying more tax. Part of the constituency are on low incomes and deprived. Over 3 million of the lowest earner no longer pay tax thanks to the Conservative led government. Your Labour party has already said you will increase tax. How can you justify this, especially when you claim so much in expenses from the tax payer, you voted to tax?

I am of course confused, you say you support businesses, but you voted against a cut in corporation tax. Please could you explain your reasons for this? Surely struggling businesses need help, or they may need to make people unemployed to pay their tax bills.

As you no doubt have realised by now, I served in the Army, and in Iraq in 2003 as part of a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Regiment looking for your predecessor, Tony Blair’s smoking gun! I am sure everyone remembers the media speculation then and now, including the outcome. There has been an inquiry, something I want to see published, but I see from your voting record that you voted for there not to be an inquiry into Iraq. Can you explain this? www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/13933/phil_wilson/sedgefield.
I remind you that many servicemen and woman have been killed, lost limbs, mentally distressed because of your Labour Governments choices. I am sure you will freely want to state, why on earth you would have even contemplated denying Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughter, Grandparents and Friends the information they so seek?

I look forward to your reply.


Scott Wood
Conservative Party Candidate for Sedgefield

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Scott Wood – 2nd Open Letter to Phil Wilson   24th April 2015