Equality Quoting madness and discrimination.

John Leathley UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for SedgefieldRecently equality quota’s have taken the country by storm. There appears to be a real urgency to see discrimination in every organisation and around every corner. Don’t get me wrong though I agree we shouldn’t purposefully discriminate against anyone based on their attributes such as skin colour, gender or religion I think we as a nation have missed the point.

We now have a scenario where organisations (including Labour and the Conservatives) think they must have a quota of different minorities in order to be seen as ‘fair’. When what we should be doing is promoting people on merit.

UKIP has many female members in prominent public positions but they are there on merit and every single one would be offended if it were on any other basis and this is just one example of how it should be.

I actually believe that quotas are discriminatory against people. They insinuate that those people would not be in the position if it weren’t for their physical attributes which is demeaning for them. They also stop capable people who are not in those categories from getting those jobs despite any chance they are better at it. On that basis quotas could be seen as sexist, racist or even homophobic.

It is about time we went back to a society where hard work resulted in promotion rather than physical attributes. The other parties talk about fairness and equality so how about we start with that.

John Leathley, UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sedgefield.

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John Leathley Election Candidate Article — 3 Comments

  1. I take this opportunity to respond to John on his attempt to score points. I inadvertently sent a copy of a research document and template with my press statement on School Improvement’s to the Northern Echo, and forgot to remove the 1000’s of schools listed for £367 million funding improvements by the Conservative led Government. It happens, but no one mentioned the investment! It happens. At least the Conservatives have a united front on a better future, unlike UKIP whose policies vary by the hour.

    Below is my attempted press release:
    Scott Wood, Conservative Candidate welcomes increased funding for school buildings

    As the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Sedgefield I welcome with delight that Woodham Academy will receive funding for roof repairs. We cannot expect our children to get a good education if the buildings are not up to standard. I am also delighted Hurworth School and Cleve Cross Primary School will receive repair funds. This is part of an extra £367 million that this government has allocated for investment in buildings at over one thousand schools across the country. The condition improvement fund targets schools that need additional money for repairs, or to help them expand. I believe families in Sedgefield Constituency deserve local schools with facilities that provide the best learning environment.

    • Roof repairs!!!! Woodham school building is not fit for purpose. It is falling apart, has poor security- I refer to the recent incident where intruders entered the school, attacking a student- and is an uninspiring environment in which to learn.
      The teachers, led by the Headteacher and Governors, do an amazing job in what is, quite frankly, a shambolic physical environment.
      I am sick and tired, of being stereotyped by ignorant, ill informed,privately educated pompous fools. We are not all pasty eating, uneducated, morons who need pound shops and government handouts to survive.
      Get a grip, stop wasting time on dirty politics and act on what local people want.