It never surprises me the blunders that sometimes happen in politics and what I have learned today is no exception to the rules.

My opponent Scott Wood of the Conservative Party released a press release on the 26th of March, it is shame that he failed to include the text for the blanks the the Tory Party HQ had left out for him.

One thing we can learn other than it is a gaff was that as per usual the Conservatives just don’t understand the constituents and are no more than a puppet party in the north east.

I write every single press release completely by myself because I am no professional politician. It may not be as suave as the Labour or Conservative Parties but at least you know you get something I have actually taken the time of day to write.

The Conservatives clearly don’t care enough to write their own so why would they care about you as a constituent?

For those who haven’t seen it so far here is the link: The Northern Echo


John Leathley UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sedgefield


John Leathley – Political Blunders  03/31/2015