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I have asked the Labour candidate to explain or at least justify his expenses and why he would not back real recall.

This is because I have had numerous constituents ask the same thing and have received no answer.

I have had no response myself so the only thing left to do is ask via the media.

So, Mr Phil Wilson, Sedgefield Labour Candidate. Why are your expenses so high over a 6 year period and why did you vote against real recall.

If I receive no response from yourself Mr Wilson I will assume, as the voters will, that it is because you cannot justify either and as such are taking the tax paying constituents for a ride.

It is a pity it has come to asking via the media but I have asked, as has the conservative candidate, on more than one occasion and you have continued to ignore everyone.

I look forward to your response.


John Leathley, UKIP PPC for Sedgefield

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Open Questions to Phil Wilson Sedgefield Labour Candidate  26th April 2015