HS2 is a waste of the taxpayers money and will not benefit the North East

HS2There is much speculation towards the High Speed Rail (2) with the Westminster Elite telling us how significant a high speed rail will be for the development of the North. Sadly they fail to neglect that there are towns further north than Leeds and Manchester.

Imagine if you will the conservative estimate of 42 billion pounds being spent on a project that will never ever benefit you with politicians patronising the people of the North East by telling us it will.

Now imagine what a fraction of that money could do for us on a transport level. Improved rail links, newer trains that don’t screech around the corners, improved roads, lanes added to busy sections, the list goes on.

What if this money could go towards making rural areas accessible and we open up the South East of Durham? What if it could be a catalyst to economic stimulus boosting the area?

If we scrapped HS2 and you have me as your MP we could start to give your area the investment it so desperately needs.

John Leathley UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sedgefield


John Leathley

Young Independence North East Regional Chairman
North East Regional Secretary