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‘For most of us in the UK there has always been a choice at elections between the Left and the Right but this is no longer the case.

When UKIP appeared on the scene and started to gather momentum something changed in the UK that will never go back to the way it was.

The left and the right no longer mattered. Here stood a party who had people from both sides voting for it and this is something unheard of in modern day politics.

There was an argument that in the northern left leaning areas people would never change and it was fixated in such a way that the left and right politics would remain but this is not the case.

My election address went out to each house in the Sedgefield constituency and within 24 hours I was inundated with messages from both the left and right traditional supporters who were now voting UKIP.

These ‘hardened areas’ are living proof that left and right politics is dying. For a long time Sedgefield was never anything other than a Labour safe seat and this is no longer the case. The data is promising and it may well turn out to be the surprise of the election.

The public want honesty, straight answers and to be listened to. That is why UKIP are ahead of the curve and that is why UKIP will do better than expected.


John Leathley, Sedgefield UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate’

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