A message from David Chaytor
Chair (former)
Deaf Hill Banner Group

Deaf Hill Banner After nine years it is with some sadness that Christine and I are stepping down as Chair and Treasurer of the Banner Group. We have moved to Upper Teesdale and it is obvious something so important to the community must be run from within the community.

The Banner Group is in a good state financially and hopefully will go from strength to strength. Some thanks before we go:
Jim Robinson for his enthusiasm and support and continuing commitment;
Paul Connor and Kevin Flint for their hard work; James Robinson and the other banner carriers;
Cllr Lucy Hovvells for her support: Derek Booth (Direct Carpets) for his financial help;
Former Cllrs Nicholls and Wilson from Easington DC;
Larraine Grigg, Mary Grigg, Betty Young, Neil Young and the late Ronnie Henderson; the late Eddie Pike for NEVER refusing a request for help;
Lynsey Garraghan, Trimdon Concert Brass and Bert Draycott for the early help;
Sara Dovaston and Bob Donaldson for saving the community banner and all those who have supported us but are not mentioned here. It has been a pleasure and privilege to be involved, and please support Jim and the group to keep it going.

In solidarity –
David and Chris Chaytor.

6th July 2015

Deaf Hill Banner Group Chairman and Treasurer step down