DANCE IT LIVE IT with Sophie Johnson, a local dance school are fundraising towards their Christmas Show and competition costs. Their Bags 2 School event had over 40 charity bags stolen.

Bags 2 school logo - click to view

Bags 2 school logo – click to view

Parents, children, friends, family and supporters of the dance school had kindly filled official branded Bags 2 School charity bags to help fundraise. The bags were to be collected by the company, weighed in and a cheque sent to the dance school. The dance school have done this many times in the past, with no problems.
The bags were stacked on a private drive / garage area ready for collection. However, when returning home from dance they found that someone had come along and helped themselves to the bags and stolen them.

This happened on Tuesday 14th July, between the hours of 3pm and 5.15pm at Trimdon Grange – if anyone has any information or knows of any local weigh in stations that received a large amount of bags please get in touch.

The young people of this area will be affected, as the funds raised by our fundraising committee throughout the year helps support the young people towards their hobby.

We recently returned from The World Championships and ICON Championships with WORLD CHAMPION Winners and Finalists – both supported by our fundraising, which young people could not attend without the support of our funds.

Dance teacher Sophie Johnson said;

‘We are devastated – we try to provide as many opportunities for the young people in our community and help towards costs by fundraising and this happen. Everyone has been extremely generous and we had a very large number of bags – the bags were clearly branded and left on private property ready for collection, why would you and who would do such a terrible thing?!...’

If you have any information please contact Sophie Johnson;


Trimdon Dance School Fundraising Bags Stolen
15th July 2015