Press release 19th Oct 2015

“It’s getting harder to get funding” say the community and charity sector in Sedgefield”

Phil Wilson with Trimdon resident Jean
If you are involved in a charity or community organisation you will know getting money for your work is never easy and it seems it is getting harder. Phil Wilson, the MP for Sedgefield has been undertaking some research to see how the organisations and groups within his constituency are faring in the current climate.

The first stage of the research, looking at funding is now complete and the report makes some interesting finding. 77% of respondents stated that it was not easy to access funds. 76% of respondents said it is harder now to get funds than it was in the past. 70% said they knew where to go to get funds but more than two thirds said there was not enough support to access this money.

In response to the research the MP is hosting a networking event in Trimdon on 24th of October in partnership with the East Durham Rural Corridor Area Action Partnership, inviting groups and organisations to attend, to discuss the results of the research, meet with local councillors, funders and support organisations and hear about how they might improve their ability to access funds.
Phil Says “It’s a worry that charities are finding it harder to get the money they need for their vital work. I understand the increasing cuts to the public purse are starting to hurt our community groups as funding becomes harder to come by, this is why it is vital to try and support our groups as best we can. The idea of the event is hopefully to continue a dialogue with the sector and try and bring the support they need to them.”

Jane Bellis of East Durham Rural Corridor Area Action Partnership says “Please come along to this worthwhile event to find out how you can be supported to apply for funding! You’ll also have the opportunity to vote on the Area Action Partnership priorities for the coming year, which will help us to steer where the money we have should be spent.”

The event is being supported by Durham Community Action, The East Durham Rural Corridor Area Action Partnership (AAP) and is open to organisations from across the AAP area. Places are being allocated on a first come, first served basis. To find out more information about the event or to request a place, people are advised to email

Funding event for community and charity sector in Sedgefield