voteI have spoken to many voters now and something has become very apparent which I hoped it wouldn’t. Some people have all but given up on voting or believing in change.

My initial reaction to this was anger but also sadly I wasn’t surprised. One of the reasons I am standing for UKIP is because I was one of those people who gave up but got hope when UKIP started to challenge the LibLabCon.

The fact people are giving up on their democratic right is worrying and upsetting to me. Someone somewhere has deeply failed these people consistently and there is only one thing I can say. For shame!

I know as a UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate the constituents are the boss not the MP. For a long time you didn’t have a choice you got the set party (usually Labour in the North East) but that has changed because UKIP are now a choice with a difference.

If you vote for UKIP you can get UKIP and unlike my opponent Phil Wilson I support the right to recall your MP. If I don’t represent you then you have the ability to recall me and I would back this is parliament.

If you stopped voting or think there is no point please remember UKIP can win and UKIP also cares about you! I can’t win without your help so if you weren’t going to vote please do so. You could make all the difference so don’t forget UKIP in May to go all of the way.

John Leathley UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sedgefield’

Young Independence North East Regional Chairman
North East Regional Secretary



John Leathley - Voter Apathy