Wind farms good or bad? Neither. It’s actually irrelevant for the most part but that’s the point.

The people of Sedgefield constituency whether they like it or not are living with the prospect of wind farms potentially in their back yard.

When I first thought about what I would say I thought I would point out the negatives but actually on this occasion I won’t be, but at the same time I won’t also be promoting them.

The point of this is to discuss something else and that is representation. People fear things being built near them that they don’t approve of and that is understandable and also wrong but it isn’t the constituents fault.

If the constituents fear it there must be some level of mistrust that they won’t be listened to. The people should always have the power to say no and be listened to. If that’s not the case your MP who you elected should represent you. If that’s not the case either then you need a new one.

Fortunately UKIP have a referenda policy where you always get a choice on local and national issues, all you have to do is get the support.

You have a choice in May, vote UKIP and get real representation, choice and change or vote Labour and get more of the same.

UKIP can beat Labour in Sedgefield but I need your help. You deserve better. You deserve UKIP.

John Leathley UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate For Sedgefield

Young Independence North East Regional Chairman