• To keep the British Economy in good health VCOT.
  • If you want more jobs for your family and friends VCOT
  • If you want the right to buy your council or housing association house VCOT.
  • 30 hours of free childcare if you VCOT.
  • Personal Allowance up to £12,500, where you will pay less income tax, VCOT.
  • Increases in basic state pension VCOT.
  • If you want a referendum on EU membership VCOT.
  • To those who usually vote Labour, your party has historically messed up the British Economy, to save the economy this time VCOT.

Scott Wood
Conservative candidate for the Sedgefield constituency.

To recipients of this round robin e-mail, copy to at least 10 friends and relatives, more would be better. We are aiming to get this to several million people before Wednesday 6 May.

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