Election Address by Scott Wood, Conservative Candidate:

My Priorities as Your MP: • More Job Opportunities – Lower Taxes – Good or Outstanding Schools – NHS Delivering to You – Immigration Controlled – Better Public Transport – Rural & Farming Support – Better Social and Affordable Housing.

I am standing to be your Member of Parliament because you deserve a better standard of MP who listens, learns and will fight your corner. I don’t believe in standing on false promises, or just toeing the party line. I want to secure a better future for everyone. If elected you will be employing me, so I will be working hard for you. We need long term permanent growth and I will champion jobs and growth for you and continue to push the recovery of the economy. Give me five years and I will endeavour to reduce long-term unemployment, and continue to fight for our NHS services locally, continue to reduce the tax burden, deliver the best schools and push for stronger immigration controls.

I fought in Afghanistan and Iraq to secure a better future for our country. Fighting politicians in Westminster will be easy in comparison.

I am a local man with a mining family background who attended a local state comprehensive school, then Aycliffe IT Education Centre, before joining the Army in the Royal Tank and Nuclear Biological and Chemical Regiment. I served in Afghanistan Iraq before buying my first home in Newton Aycliffe.

I will fight tooth and nail for you to bring new investment, prospects and regeneration to our area. I will not only protect our vital services, but push for new projects to keep us moving. Most importantly, I want to permanently reduce long term unemployment by creating a culture of training and enterprise.

The Conservative Plan that I back is to:

Cut Income Tax by increasing the personal allowance to £12,500 so there’s no tax on the minimum wage.
Support business creating two million more jobs, building on the two million new jobs already.
Extend the Right to Buy to Housing Association tenants, and build 200,000 Starter Homes.
Deliver 30 hours free childcare for working parents, so it’s easier for parent to return to work.
Cut the Benefit Cap to £23,000, and use the money to deliver three million apprenticeships to help young people.
Guarantee generous increases in the Basic State Pension, so people have security in retirement.
Protect and improve the NHS with the extra funding from a stronger, healthier economy.

Remember—this could all be put at risk by a Miliband-SNP deal, so don’t vote for Labour, locally you were lied to over Hitachi and the University Technology College, you were represented poorly by an MP voting against cutting your income, business and fuel taxes, but was happy to claim nearly £1million in expenses from your taxes. UKIP won’t be able to deliver to you overall and a UKIP may secure a Labour and SNP Government. I ask you to put your trust into my values and standards to represent you fairly at all times.


Vote for me, Scott WOOD next Thursday.

27th April 2015

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