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This has been emailed to Mr Phil Wilson, the Labour Party Candidate in Sedgefield:

(Open Letter by EMail) 10 April 2015

Dear Mr Wilson,

I write to you, this open letter as I read your Election Address that has started to go out this week. In it you state that the Conservative led Government tried to pull the plug on the Hitachi deal. Not believing my eyes I asked for confirmation this was incorrect. I was correct, there were no plans to scupper the deal. I believe you have misled the voting public for your own political ends.

I ask you to study the following documents.


This confirms that the Conservative led government awarded the contract.

Furthermore the Conservative led Government awarded a contract for 500 carriages to be built by Hitachi at their Newton Aycliffe factory. Please see;


I should be grateful if you could respond to my letter that you have misled the public about Hitachi.

I should like now to turn to you Election Address where you mention tax. Can I take this opportunity to remind you that you and the Labour Party voted against raising the Income Tax threshold (www.theyvoteforyou.com) This allows the lower paid members of society (those you claim to represent) paying less tax, yet you voted against the proposal. The threshold now stands at £10,600 and if a Conservative government is in power on 8 May it plans to increase this to £12,500. The Conservatives have taken over 26 million people out of paying income tax, but your Labour Party voted against this and we hear every day in the media you will raise taxes to the average household around £3000.

You also voted against reducing Corporation Tax, yet you say you support businesses. How do you explain this disparity?

I look forward to your reply on the above.


Scott Wood
Conservative Party Candidate for Sedgefield


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Scott Wood – Open Letter to Phil Wilson