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Dear Resident,

I decided to write this letter to you, the residents of the Trimdons, Thornley, Wheatley Hill, Wingate, Station Town, Fishburn, Ferryhill, Chilton, Cornforth, Bishop Middleham and the remaining towns, villages and farms in the north of the constituency of Sedgefield. I would like you to vote for me at the next general election and explain below the reasons why I think you should.

My name is Scott Wood. I am the Conservative Party candidate for the Sedgefield constituency for the General Election on 7 May. I am a former Army tank commander and served tours of duty in Iraq; looking for Blair’s “smoking gun”, by the way, I think the Iraq enquiry should be published as soon as possible, and would never vote against an enquiry like our present MP did. In Afghanistan I was assigned to peace and stability operations. I am extremely proud to have been chosen to stand in the Sedgefield constituency.

You will, perhaps, find it strange for a Conservative parliamentary candidate writing to an area that has traditionally voted labour. Is it time to re-think your alliance to Labour? I think it is.

You will have seen in the newspapers and broadcasting media that the Scottish voters have had enough of the Labour Party. The opinion polls suggest they will lose 56 of the 59 seats they hold. I think it is also time for the people of the North East to look to an alternative party. The Labour Party were in power for 13 years up until 2010 and the Prime Minister represented this constituency for 10 years. I don’t think he did much to enhance employment or investment in the constituency, I think he took you for granted. I believe the Conservatives have something better to offer the people of Sedgefield. The Chancellor in a speech on a recent visit to Teesside set out a plan that would see an additional £6 billion invested in the North East with an additional 50,000 jobs. This in my view represents more than what any Labour Government has done for the region that traditionally supports them.

In May 2012 Mr Ed Miliband met President Hollande of France after his victory in the French Presidential elections. Mr Miliband said ” This new leadership is sorely needed as Europe seeks to escape from austerity … He has shown that the centre left can offer hope and win elections with a vision of a better, more equal and just world”. I think Mr Miliband got it wrong. Austerity is the reason why the British economy has improved despite warnings from the Labour Party. The French economy meanwhile has gone downhill. French Government spending spending is 56% of GDP while Britain spends 40% of GDP. It is predicted that this will decrease to 35.2 by the end of the next Parliament. Currently unemployment in France is 10.3% (January 2015) in Britain it is 5.9% and decreasing faster than any other G7 country over the past year. I feel Mr Miliband, if victorious, would lead us through a similar economic nightmare as the French have regrettably experienced.

I have visited the Trimdons, Thornley, Wheatley Hill, Wingate, Station Town ,Fishburn, Ferryhill, Chilton, Cornforth, Bishop Middleham and other areas of the constituency, and have noticed that we need more investment in the local infrastructure especially housing and roads.

Since May 2010, when the last Labour Government left office and the Conservative led Government took over we have seen a rise in employment of 1,850,000 and a reduction in public sector employment of 440,000. In the North East region since 2010 unemployment has been reduced by 45,000 and unemployment benefit in the Sedgefield constituency has fallen by 47%. There have been some difficult decisions to make but I believe we are seeing the benefit from the sacrifices the British public have made.

I am determined to bring increased employment to all areas of the Sedgefield constituency. I want improved housing and better transport links so your travel to work is easier. Something the schoolchildren of Wingate complained about last week “why do we need wi-fi on a bus when there are not enough buses”. Perversely in Middleton St George, there are plans for several hundred houses in that area and the local people do not want. I think these houses would be better constructed in your area on brownfield sites and the infrastructure can be improved and additional schools constructed.

If you vote for me to be your elected representative in Parliament I will do everything in my power to ensure jobs are created in our constituency, and I will listen to all concerns put to me.
Yours sincerely

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Scott Wood – Letter To Residents 17th March 2015