Information Update – 30th November 2007

In recent weeks two Magistrates search warrants have been executed in Trimdon Village and Trimdon Grange. These two operations were as a result of information received from the local community; this has resulted in the arrest of two people and a quantity of drugs being seized. Both people are on police bail pending further enquiries.
If you wish to pass on any similar information regarding possible drugs activity in your area please feel free to contact me you came remain anonymous and all information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Mini motos
Advice for those parents who wish to purchase a mini moto or motorised scooter for Christmas:
Anyone who uses a mini moto or motorised scooter must have at least a moped licence, rider must have valid insurance, if the machine is over three years old it must have an m.o.t. The machine cannot be used on the pavement, if using on private land please obtain permission of the land owner. Only persons over the age of 16 can fit this criteria and must wear a helmet.

Failure to adhere to the legislation can lead to the machine being seized by police and destroyed and the rider facing court action.

Operation Fosstoncity
This operation is currently on going in relation to tackling anti social behaviour and disorder in particular in and around the Co-op and Library in Church Road Trimdon Village . So far with the use of CCTV and local information three males have been arrested for public order offences, two have been charged and will go to court 21/11/07 and one is on police bail pending further enquiries. Two of the males currently have bail conditions not to enter or go within 50 yards of the Co-op further enquiries are on going to identify other offenders who will be arrested for similar offences. This operation has been fully publicised in the local newspapers.

Operation Takeaway
Another reminder to motorist who take the chance to drive without insurance that if you are stopped by police you will have your vehicle seized and possibly scrapped.

No warnings will be issued and you will be dealt with means of fine, penalty points or disqualified from driving.

Operation Darc
This operation has been running for over a month and is to raise awareness regarding home security over the dark nights and winter months. Simple measures such as leaving a light on in unattended premises or using a house alarm if you have one installed. Free information and advice is available via our community safety team at Spenymoor police office or by contacting myself. Internal light timers external dusk till dawn lighting can also be purchased.


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