Information Update – 19th September 2007

In an effort to address concerns over parking at School premises all local schools have had letters produced by myself in an attempt to advise parents who drive to school on where not to park when taking and collecting children from school.

Off Road Motorcycles.
After a recent increase in calls regarding youths using off road motor cycles in surrounding fields and on school grounds one male youth has been arrested and his motor bike seized and destroyed. The male concerned is now due in court and facing further action regarding breaching his anti social behaviour order. Three other youths were questioned and each received final warning notices and should they come to our attention again they will have their bikes seized and face court action.

Anti social behaviour
After complaints of disorderly behaviour at Skerne Ave play park and the Co-op in Church Rd 3 local youths have been arrested and are currently on bail awaiting further action. All three youths come from properties which are owned by Sedgefield Borough Council, their parents will be spoken to and should the individuals behaviour continue to affect the local community then Tenancy Enforcement will take action against the tenant.



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Sedgefield Neighbourhood Police Team
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