Information Update – 22nd February 2007

School Premises
In the past 2 months it has come to our attention that local youths find it acceptable to climb onto school roofs and buildings. Any one who we find on school premises without permission will be prosecuted. 6 local youths from Trimdon Village recently came to our attention and now find themselves being prosecuted for offences of criminal damage and causing a nuisance on educational premises. Anyone one who has names of anyone they have seen on school premises out of normal school hours please feel free to contact me with any details.

Operation Takeaway
Just a reminder that this operation is still running and is targeting persons who drive without a valid driving licence or insurance. The message is simple take a chance and drive without any valid driving documentation and your vehicle will be seized by police and may be scrapped. The driver is then liable for any costs which are incurred for the police to recover and store the vehicle, as well as having their licence endorsed with penalty points and fined. Anyone who has information regarding persons driving without valid documents please contact me, you may remain anonymous if you wish.

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC)
A number of local youths are now signed up to these agreements; a youth who on more that three occasions comes to police attention many be subject to an ABC.

These contracts set out conditions designed at restricting the individual’s behaviour whilst in public, the conditions are decided between the Police and the Anti-Social Behaviour co-ordinator who is employed by Sedgefield Borough Council. The conditions will reflect the circumstances in that the individual had come to the police attention. If any individual continues to come to the police attention after agreeing to the ABC them this assists the police in making an application for an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO).



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