Information Update – 13th August 2007

Off road motorcycles.
We have a recent increase in complaints regarding the use of off road motorcycles especially at the Trimdon Village Community College Grounds and surrounding areas. Three youths have been identified and issued with warning notices any further incidents involving these three youths will involve the motorcycles being seized. Any one with any information regarding the identity of any of persons who are continuing to use bikes off road without land owners permission please feel free to contact me you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Anti social behaviour & Criminal Damage.
Incidents over the summer holidays have been low, however youths appear to think that using school grounds is acceptable.

Over recent weeks we have had reports of damage to school premises in Trimdon Village , again if anyone has any information regarding these crimes please contact me. Anyone found on school grounds without permission will face positive action.

Church Rd Trimdon Village – Parking
To address complaints regarding parking in Church Rd we have issued posters to local shops to display.
The posters offer advice and guidance and may prevent the issuing of fixed penalty tickets. Can everyone please try and adhere to this guidance especially in and around school times.

Sedgefield and Trimdon Neighbourhood Police Team.
0845 60 60 365


Pc 1636 John Seymour
Trimdon Dedicated Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbourhood Police Team
0345 60 60 365
Internal extension 6614670 or 6614671
F.I.N. 1853