Information Update – 14th April 2007

Anti Social Behaviour.
Again we have had more success at tackling this issue; another local youth who has been arrested for public order offences is subject to a Crasbo application. Although no decision has been made by the Courts as to if the application has been successful, if the decision is a positive one the youth concerned life style will be restricted due to certain conditions being imposed on him by the Court. The legislation again demonstrates that anyone who persistently offends particularly in relation to anti social behaviour or similar offences can be subject to these orders for which we can apply to last for between 3 and 5 years. Any breaches of any such order will result in arrest and further court appearances.

Off Road Motorcycles.
We are again receiving complaints of people using off road motor bikes and mini motos on surrounding fields and school grounds. We have very strict guidelines which we follow in relation to these complaints, the rider on the first occasion will receive a formal warning notice on the second occasion the rider will have the bike seized and reported for any offences and face court action. Any rider who has their bike seized then faces costs for the seizure and storage of the bike. To use any private land for riding any such bikes you need written permission off the land owner.

Garden Thefts
It’s the time of year when people invest in their gardens buying furniture children’s out door toys etc. It is also the time when we occasionally get reports of theft of garden items, can everyone please be vigilant and take extra care with these items. Basic things like buying locks for sheds and gates and not leaving property outside without adequate security will assist us and you.


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