Christmas 2007 – Trimdon Band
Despite the wet, horrible weather the Band managed to raise £355.20 from our street collection on 2nd. We would like to pass on our sincere thanks to the kind folk of Trimdon Colliery and Trimdon Station. Much better weather on the 9th, thanks to the generous people of Trimdon Grange we raised £219, and oOur collection at Trimdon Village on 16th raised £273.28. Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the year! Lynsey Garraghan on behalf of the Band.

Spray used on dancing man Dec 7th 2007
(by Tracy Walker , Hartlepool Mail )
CS spray was used on a drunk man when he resisted arrest after officers spotted him dancing in the street and holding a bottle of wine above his head. Anthony Evans, 22, had to be sprayed after “tensing up” and “lashing out with his feet” to resist being arrested. He was dancing in Wingate Road, Trimdon, with the bottle held above his head and liquid pouring out, Peterlee magistrates were told. He was arrested after an officer thought he was supplying alcohol to a group of youths and Evans ignored requests for him to hand the bottle over. But Evans disputed the people with him were youths. Lynsey Armstrong, prosecuting, said the police officer on duty in Wingate Road, Trimdon, noticed a group near the bus shelter and Evans “dancing in the road with a bottle of wine in his right hand and holding it above his head with liquid spilling out of the bottle”.
Ms Armstrong said Evans, of Laburnum Square, Trimdon Station, told the officer: “You think you’re it because you have that red and white cross on your chest. “I’ll give you some advice – why don’t you get back in your van and drive away.” Ms Armstrong said Evans “tensed up” when he was informed he was under arrest and “lashed out with his legs” when placed in a caged police van. The officer issued a warning before spraying him. Evans admitted being drunk and disorderly and resisting a police officer on November 24. Neil Bennett, mitigating, said Evans was “affected by drink” but not in the company of under-age youths and disputed making any remarks.
Chairman of the magistrates’ bench Roy Simpson, fined Evans £50 for being drunk and disorderly and £150 for resisting a police officer.

Teenager in court for firework attack Dec 4 2007
(by Andrew Pain, Evening Gazette )
A TEENAGER was due to appear in court today charged with throwing a lit firework at a train conductor. The conductor was standing on the platform at Thornaby Station at the rear of a train on the Darlington to Saltburn route at about 4.50pm on Monday, October 29, when the incident happened. The firework caused scorching to the conductor’s clothing and reddening to the leg. After images appeared on the front page of the Evening Gazette and in other media outlets Daniel William Young, 18, contacted police requesting to hand himself in. The teenager, of Newlands Road, Trimdon, County Durham, was subsequently arrested and was to appear before Teesside Magistrates today charged by the British Transport Police for common assault and throwing a firework in a public place.
Following the incident PC Graham Adams, of British Transport Police, said: “This was a totally unprovoked attack which has left him understandably shaken. Everyone has the right to be able to go to work without fear of being attacked or abused in this way.”

Gran’s new look Oct 4th 2007
A WOMAN who hid behind her clothes in a bid to avoid the attention of bullies has faced her demons – on prime-time television. Margaret will be surrounded by her family, which includes husband Tony, 53, daughter Claire, 31, son Anthony, 29, and grandchildren Oscar, 18 months, and Tristan, three, at her home in Trimdon Grange for the BBC 1 programme What Not to Wear when it goes out as the series finale at 8pm today. Full story from the Sunderland Echo.–

Wingate Nature Reserve (Deaf Hill) Aug 14th 2007
Nesting birds – moor hens on the ponds – have been killed by air gun pellets recently in the nature reserve. Hunting or killing wild animals of any type (including rabbits) is illegal in the reserve – if you see anything untoward please telephone Police on 0845 6060 365 or email

Local Elections Thursday 19th July 2007
Labour held onto the Sedgefield seat, but with a reduced majority, with the Liberal Democrats in second place, Conservatives in third and the British National Party in fourth. Phil Wilson got 12,528 votes to become the constituency’s first new MP since Mr Blair was elected in 1983.

Hunt for school vandals April 20th 2007
The Hartlepool Mail, original article By CHRISTOPHER YOUNG
VANDALS have struck again at a primary school just months after causing hundreds of pounds of damage. Police have appealed for help to track down youngsters who are targeting Deaf Hill Primary School, in Trimdon Station. During the Easter holidays, vandals broke into the site and ripped tiles from the roof of the school building. They also put a hole in fencing and broke wire mesh which covered the pond. Last autumn, hundreds of pounds of damage was caused at the school after a play house was destroyed, a bird box was broken and an outside tap was ripped off the wall. Headteacher Paul Lonsdale said: “We can’t afford to throw money away like this. “They have ripped some slate off the roof in a patch which has quite re-recently been re-roofed. They have then thrown the tiles at a wall and caused a lot of damage. “We have got to make people aware that they can contact the police and if they see something happening, they must report it.” PC Phil Stephenson, from Peterlee Police, urged locals to protect the school from the vandals. “Most of the damage tends to occur over school holiday periods but as the nights remain light for longer, it could be that youngsters will be hanging about getting up to no good,” he said. “I would encourage anyone who spots youngsters in the school grounds – whether they appear to be misbehaving or not – to contact the police. “We would also like to hear from anyone who thinks they know who is responsible for causing earlier damage.” Anyone with information should contact Peterlee Police on (0845) 6060365 or Crimestoppers anonymously on (0800) 555111.