Information Update – 18th May 2009

Trimdon Village PACT Priorities
1. Nuisance/off road motorcycles – Operation Adonis
2. Anti Social Behaviour/Street Drinking – Elwick View
3. Parking Complaints Hallgarth Road

Trimdon Grange/Colliery
1. Nuisance/off road motorcycles – Operation Adonis
2. Anti Social Behaviour – Rear of Grosvenor Terrace (old green hut area)

Pact Meetings
The forthcoming police and communities together meetings (PACT) are on the 27th of May 2009 for Trimdon Village at the Community College at 6pm. Trimdon Colliery and Grange meeting will be on the 1ST of June 2009 at the Trimdon Grange Community Centre at 6pm. These meetings are open to any member of the public with an open agenda to discuss any community issues.

Last month we had 5 reported incidents of arson in the Trimdon Colliery area, as result of some information from the local community 3 local males have been arrested and are currently on bail pending further enquires. Anyone with any information in relation to these incidents please contact me.

Operation Adonis
This is an ongoing operation to tackle the anti social use of off road motorcycles, quad bikes and mini motos. A combination of high visibility patrols and covert patrols has seen a sharp decrease in calls in relation to this type of complaint. Again anyone who has any knowledge of who is using a motorcycle in an anti social manner please contact me.


Pc 1636 John Seymour
Trimdon Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbour Police Team
0345 60 60 365
F.I.N. 1853