Information Update – 17th November 2009

Anti Social Behaviour.
In recent weeks we have had an increase in complaints in relation to Anti Social Behaviour in and around Church Road Trimdon Village . This area will be subject to covert and high visibility patrols in the coming weeks to identify and deal with offenders in a positive manner.
Anyone with information in relation to persons responsible can contact me in person or anonymously.

School Parking.
Parking complaints around the schools in the Trimdons has reduced, to combat these issues we have issued advisory posters to schools and some pupils have had a letter produced by myself sent home outlining further advice and possible penalties. Continued adherence to road markings and signage at schools will enhance road safety in and around schools for all concerned.

PACT.(Police and Communities Together).
The Trimdon PACT process has been running for 11 months, these monthly meetings provide residents the opportunity to speak with Police on any matter they wish to bring to our attention. From these meeting 3 Village priorities are agreed and will be given extra attention over the month. A list of priorities with action taken can be viewed on the Durham Constabulary website under the neighbourhood police section

Current PACT Priorities.
Trimdon Village;
1. Rowdy Nuisance Behaviour – Hallgarth Road/Windsor Square .
2. Anti Social Behaviour – Church Road .
3. Speeding complaints – B1278.
Next meeting Wednesday 9th of December 2009 at 6pm Trimdon Village Community College Elwick View.

Trimdon Grange & Colliery;
1. Rowdy Nuisance Behaviour – Redesdale Court.
2. School Parking Complaints
3. Speeding Complaints – B1278.
Next meeting Monday the 14th of December 2009 at 6pm Trimdon Grange Community Centre.


Pc 1636 John Seymour
Trimdon Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbour Police Team
0345 60 60 365
F.I.N. 1853