Information Update – 12th March 2009

PACT Meetings
The local PACT meetings are now progressing and the attendance to each meeting gradually increasing. We have had a variety of issues discussed and from each meeting agreed local priorities have been drawn up. Anyone who wishes to raise any local issues is welcome to attend a press release and poster campaign will be circulated showing dates and times of meetings along with the current priorities.

Off Road Motorcycles/Quad bikes.
Now the weather is slightly improving we have had an increase in calls regarding off road bikes and quad bikes being used on surrounding fields and school grounds.
Anyone found on private land without permission will be issued with a written warning; failure to adhere to this will result in the bike being seized.
Anyone found riding on public areas without valid insurance, licence and MOT will have the bike seized immediately and be reported and face a court appearance.

Update 19th March: In recent weeks there has been an increase in calls from residents of Trimdon Grange regarding the use of quad and off road bikes in the village. To date the use of high visibility patrols has been unsuccessful and in order to resolve the issue police will be using covert patrols and also be assisted by the force off road motor cycle unit.

Anyone who has any information in relation to the names of the offending people can contact me on the below details

Update 2nd April – Operation Adonis
Operation Adonis has been set up to target persons using off road motor cycles, quad bike and mini motos to the annoyance of local residents and in an anti social manner. The aim of the operation is to use high visibility, covert patrols and the use of the Durham Constabulary Off Road Motorcycle Section. Anyone found using a bike, quad or mini moto in an anti social manner will have a warning notice issued or ultimately have their bike seized. To use a bike or quad on public road it must be road worthy and fully registered with the DVLA. A full UK licence is also required along with fully comprehensive insurance and MOT if required. Anyone not holding appropriate documentation can have they bike seized immediately by police. Any one who has been issued with a warning and is found riding a second time in an anti social manner will also have their bike seized. Verbal warnings will not be issued and positive action will be taken in all incidents.

If you have permission to ride on private land details of who has granted the permission will be required.

In recent months we have received numerous complaints in relation to speeding on the B1278 throughout the Trimdon area. We are continuing to monitor the situation and gather evidence regarding this, extra traffic patrols will be carried out. Anyone who is found to exceed the speed limit can be given a fixed penalty ticket which incurs £60 fine and 3 points endorsed on your licence.


Pc 1636 John Seymour
Trimdon Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbour Police Team
0345 60 60 365
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