Information Update – 15th June 2009

Arsons – Trimdon Colliery.
After a spate of arsons in April/May 2009 in the Colliery 5 arrests have been made as a result of public information. Some enquiries are on going in relation to these incidents and I am happy to say that no further incident shave occurred since the arrests have been made. Anyone who has any information in relation to any of these incidents can contact me on the usual number or email address.

Operation Adonis.
This operation was set up in April 2009 in order to tackle the increase in calls in relation to off road motorcycles, mini mottos and quad bike being used in an anti social manner in the Trimdons. So far the calls have reduced and we have had a number of successes in relation to warnings being issued and some bikes seized. However incidents in and around the Elwick View area of Trimdon Village are continuing, a combination of covert and high visibility patrols will continue in this area, anyone with information in relation to offending riders please contact me in confidence.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).
PCSO Andrew Taylor has recently joined the Neighbourhood Police Team and is the second PCSO who will now assist me in the Trimdons and Sedgefield Neighbour areas.

PACT. – Police AND Communities Together.
June 2009 – PACT.
This months agreed Trimdon PACT priorities are as below;
Trimdon Village.
1. Vehicle nuisance and off road motorcycles – Operation Adonis.
2. Anti Social Behaviour – Hart View & Elwick View.
3. Speeding B1278 Trimdon Crossroads.
The next PACT meeting is on the Wednesday the 24th of June 2009 at 6pm at Trimdon Village Community College .

Trimdon Grange & Trimdon Colliery.
1. Vehicle nuisance and off road motorcycles – Operation Adonis
2. Anti Social Behaviour & Damage play park and rear of Laurel Crescent .
3. B1278 – speeding.
The next PACT meeting is Monday the 29th of June 2009 at 6pm at Trimdon Grange Community Centre.

Operation Nimrod.
This is force wide operation to tackle and close the open drugs market in the County of Durham . There has been several high profile and successful operations throughout the force area in recent months all based on community information passed to local police. This operation will continue for the foreseeable future anyone with any drugs information can contact me or email me in confidence or anonymously, alternatively you can contact crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.


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Trimdon Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbour Police Team
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