Information Update – 17th September 2009

Operation Sibley updated 25th Sept 2009
Operation Sibley has been set up to tackle the supply and mis use of controlled drugs in Trimdon Village.
On Friday the 25th of September 2009 at 15.25hrs Sedgefield and Trimdon Neighbourhood Police Team successfully executed a magistrate’s search warrant at an address in Meadow Road Trimdon Village . A quantity of drugs and a suspected stolen motorcycle were seized and one male was arrested. Police community support officers will be providing extra reassurance and information packs to local residents, the operation was the result of community intelligence being acted on. Local police will continue to pro actively target anyone dealing drugs in an attempt to close down the open drugs markets; this can only be possible with the help of the community.

Anyone with any information in relation to the misuse of controlled drugs can contact Pc1636 John Seymour of the Sedgefield Neighbour Police Team on 0345 60 60365 or you can contact Crimestoppers.

Operation Adonis.
The above operation has been running since the 1st of April 2009 its main purpose being to target the anti social use of off road bikes, quad bikes and mini mottos. A number of tactics have been used including covert patrols and use of the force off road motorcycle section, over 15 warning notices have been issued and 6 bikes have been seized. A ten percent reduction in calls in relation to these types of incidents has been achieved. Although the operation is now complete we will still continue to target those who use bikes in an anti social manner warning notices and seizures will continue to be used.

School Parking.
We have recently distributed posters around the Trimdons and to all school premises in relation to parking in and around schools at drop off and pick up times. Can all drivers be considerate as to where they park at schools taking into account yellow road markings and not parking across access to private drive ways? If this can be achieved then the issuing of fixed penalty tickets will not be required and road safety will continue to improve.

Anti Social Behaviour – Carrside Road .
In recent weeks there has been a reported increase of anti social behaviour in and around the Carrside Road area of Trimdon Village . Police and the local authority have conducted leaflet and diary drops in the area in order to assess the complaints and respond appropriately. Any information in relation to any issues in this area please bring to my attention a.s.a.p.

Anti Social Behaviour – Hallgarth Road/Windsor Square .
In a recent PACT meeting information has come to our attention that there has been an increase in anti social behaviour incidents in and around the above locations. Extra patrols will be carried out this month in order to determine who is responsible for the unacceptable behaviour. Anyone with any further information in relation to these incidents can contact me on 0345 60 60 365 or e mail me.


Pc 1636 John Seymour
Trimdon Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbour Police Team
0345 60 60 365
F.I.N. 1853