Information Update – 15th July 2009

Passive Drugs Dog Operations.
We have recently run some operations using the passive drugs dogs targeting public houses. The dog assists in detecting drugs and possible drugs use on persons or in and around the premises. As a result of recent operations one person was arrested, one received an on street caution and six others were searched with a negative result. This is a tactic amongst others we will continue to use to target the open drugs market.

Operation Adonis.
This is an ongoing operation to target the riders of off road motorcycles and mini motos. Last week another mini moto was seized and will be destroyed, anyone found riding on roads or land without permission will be dealt with positively and will have their bike seized and face the possibility of having it destroyed as well as facing court action for driving offences.

Speeding B1278.
This continues to be a concern and was raised at a recent PACT meeting; extra traffic patrols will continue to monitor the situation. Offending motorists can face 3 points and £60 fine if they fail to adhere to the speed limit of 40mph.

School Watch.
As the school holidays approach school buildings occasionally become a target for youths to gather around and sometimes damage is caused. Extra patrols over the school holidays will be carried out in and around school premises in order to prevent and deter youths from gathering on school premises. Anyone who sees people on school premises acting in an anti social manner or causing damage should contact police immediately.

Below are the agreed priorities for Trimdon Village for July 2009.

1. Nuisance and off road motorcycles – Operation Adonis.
2. Street drinking and anti social behaviour – Hart View and Elwick View.
3. Speeding complaints B1278 crossroads.
The next Trimdon Village PACT meeting will be on Wednesday the 22nd of July 2009 at 6pm at Trimdon Community College Elwick View.

Below are the agreed priorities for Trimdon Grange and Colliery for July 2009.
1. Off road and nuisance motorcycles – Operation Adonis 2009.
2. Anti social behaviour and criminal damage rear of Laurel Crescent and play park area.
3. B1278 – Speeding.
The next Trimdon Grange and Colliery PACT meeting will be on Monday the 27th of July 2009 at 6pm at Trimdon Grange Community Centre.


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Trimdon Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbour Police Team
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