Information Update – 10th August 2011

Pact Priorities
Trimdon Village:
Parking complaints on Church Road
Next meeting Wednesday the 31st of August 2011 6pm a t Trimdon Village Community College .

Trimdon Grange and Colliery:
Suspicious activity Peel Avenue/Berry Road Trimdon Grange.
Next meeting Monday the 5th of September 2011 at the Trimdon Grange Community Centre.

Trimdon Village Crime
In relation to the recently reported bag snatch in Trimdon Village a local male has been arrested. This male has been charged with the offence along with 2 recent daytime burglaries in Newlands Road and two day time burglaries in Skerne Avenue which were reported towards the end of last year.
This male is currently awaiting action by the courts.

Farm Crimes
In recent weeks there has been a slight increase in thefts from farm premises and stables etc. Please can owners of such premises make sure adequate security is being used and any suspicious behaviour/vehicles etc is reported to Police.


Pc 1636 John Seymour
Trimdon Dedicated Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbourhood Police Team
0345 60 60 365
Internal extension 6614670 or 6614671
F.I.N. 1853