Information Update – 21st March 2011

Anti Social Behaviour.
In recent weeks we have had a sharp increase in relation to Anti Social Behaviour in neighbouring Fishburn. Youths are congregating in large numbers; the majority are well behaved and use Fishburn as their Friday night meeting point. Unfortunately a small minority will attempt to consume alcohol and cause annoyance, due to the volume of people and level of complaints we are dispersing the group and moving them on. Some youths are concerned about this tactic and see it as the Police spoiling they night, this is not our intention and we will be firm but fair with this type of situation. If groups who are dispersed try and reform in another location or village we will adopt the same tactics if required, anyone suspected of having alcohol will be searched.

School Parking.
Complaints about poor parking in the area are improving, however general congestion and volume of traffic around schools will always will be an issue. We have done some extra patrols around Trimdon Grange Infants School in recent months and had some significant improvements. This has been mainly possible due to members of the public passing registration numbers of offending vehicles, with this information we can give appropriate advice and guidance to hopefully prevent further complaints.

Anyone who wants to pass any information in relation to this matter please contact me.

Pact Priorities – Trimdon Village – complaints of off road motorcycles in Meadow Road and Carrside Road areas. Next meeting – Wednesday 13th of April 2011 6pm at Trimdon Village Community College .

Pact Priorities – Trimdon Grange & Colliery – road traffic complaints outside Infants School . Next meeting – Monday 18th of April 2011 6pm at Trimdon Grange Community Centre.


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Trimdon Dedicated Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbourhood Police Team
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