Information Update 12th February 2014

Operation Spoke
Operation Spoke is a Durham Constabulary Operation working with other partner agencies to significantly reduce cycle crime by uniquely marking and registering cycles in County Durham and Darlington.
The benefits of marking and registering cycles means that they can easily be identified by the Police should they ever be stolen or go missing. Easy identification means that cycles can be quickly reunited with their rightful owners and thieves can be quickly arrested and brought to justice.
Please contact us if you want to arrange for your bike to be marked. Look out for Bike Marking Events, further details to follow.

Vehicle Crime
Car wheel trims are still being stolen….please think that if someone (not everyone though) is trying to sell a full set of wheel trims that there is a strong possibility that they may be stolen. Ask a few more questions to see where they have come from etc. A good deal to someone may mean a victim of crime somewhere else. If they can’t sell them they will stop stealing them.
Vehicles are still being entered which are left UNLOCKED overnight. Don’t be the next easy victim. Lock your car on every occasion and don’t leave items of value in car/on display. These low life thieves must laugh at everyone when they find it so easy. Let’s put a stop to this crime!!!!!

From this month’s Trimdon Grange PACT meeting it has been agreed that this month’s priority will be speeding on Co-operative Terrace Trimdon Grange.

The next Trimdon PACT meeting will be on Wednesday the 5th of March 2014 6pm at the Community College on Elwick View.

Pc 1636 John Seymour
Trimdon Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbourhood Police Team
Non – Emergency Number – 101

We are very keen to ensure that we are tackling issues which matter to you in your community. With our colleagues in the local authority, we have developed PACT meetings to ensure that you have a chance to engage with local officers from your beat team and tell us your concerns. This is your opportunity to influence what we focus on, where you live.

You can find out more about PACT:
By ringing Durham Constabulary on 101
By logging on to
By following us on Twitter and Facebook