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Trimdon Station
County Durham
TS29 6–
25 February 2013

Dear Trimdon Times,

I have lived in Trimdon Station all of my life and have lived, with my husband, at a house in The Foundry, Trimdon Station for 5 years from November 2007 to November 2012.
During that time a number of unexplained things happened in our home, causing us to often flee to parents’ houses in the middle of the night and call out paranormal investigators to try and bring some peace to the house.
Below is a list of phenomena experienced by both my husband and I:


  • Coat hanger flew across front bedroom
  • Iron unplugged itself several times whilst ironing
  • Toilet flushed by itself several times night and day
  • Hearing footsteps of someone walking up the stairs in the middle of the night when no one was there
  • Lights turning on by themselves
  • Music playing in the middle of the night
  • Kettle Boiling by its self
  • Glass flew out of cupboard and hit me in the face
  • Coals flew out of the fire and across the room
  • Glass in a picture frame smashed when the picture remained untouched
  • Strange voice mail message left on phone near where the picture smashed
  • Knocking from the walls and inside the upstairs cupboards
  • Bedroom cupboard in the back bedroom was seen unlatching itself and opening unaided
  • Witnessed bedroom door handle turn and door open on its own
  • Banging from pipes
  • Cold spots in the house
  • Doors slammed upstairs when no windows were open or draft present
  • Light bulbs popped all the time
  • Bed bug infestation occurred
  • Batteries ran flat quickly
  • 3 fires started on their own leading to damage and could have been fatal
  • Sleep disturbed in the middle of the night with noises, nightmares and a feeling of being watched
  • Woke up in different places – not lying down in bed
  • Being shook while asleep
  • Glass hob smashed on its own
  • Fish tank smashed
  • Friends feeling uncomfortable in parts of the houseAt first we dismissed the happenings as over active imagination but occurrences started to affect our health and we couldn’t sleep.  We both became depressed, we both lost our employment, everything in the house started to break or catch fire.  Things became desperate and we decided to move out.The Paranormal Investigators visited in November 2009 and gave some insight into what was happening but couldn’t help clear the ‘sprits’.  We were told that the whole of the Foundry area was visited by spirits of children who died in a collapse of the rubble from the old iron foundry more than 100 years previous.  They said because the spirits were children they tended to act mischievously, this explained the unplugging of electrical items and attention seeking behaviour.  However, they could not be removed from the area as they only came in visitation for short periods of time.

    Since then we have heard of a number of neighbours in the immediate area experiencing the same phenomena.  We are seriously concerned for the health and wellbeing of those still living within the new developments in the foundry area: Ryedale Court, Dunswell Grange, Foundry Mews and most recent development Cinnamon Drive.
    I write this letter in the hope that experiences can be shared and support can be given to the people living within the foundry area who are continuing to experience distress due to unseen forces in their homes.
    We welcome correspondence and suggestions relating to these matters but in the event of the story being published we wish to remain anonymous.
    Yours faithfully



A reply sent by ‘PS’:  28th Feb 2013
My Late Grandma BS, lived in 5 Railway Row, one of the stories she told was of her sorting out the fire in the front room( there was only two rooms downstairs one being the Kitchen) and having her pinny pulled from behind….she thought it was my dad or one of his sisters, and shouted to stop it….it happened again…and she turned around quickly to find no one there…There are other stories of similar things… it was happening all those years ago……