No local march of the Deaf Hill Banner 2013

No banner march in 2013
As you will all be aware, one of the highlights of the year for the Banner Group and the community of Deaf Hill and Trimdon Station, (as you often tell us) is the Wednesday parade of the Deaf Hill Lodge Banner and the Community Banner, with the children of Deaf Hill School carrying, accompanied by Trimdon Concert Brass Band.

It is an opportunity for the community to show its pride in its heritage, to celebrate its present and future and to remember those who lost their lives at the pit. On Friday 28 June 2013 the Secretary of Trimdon Concert Brass informed members of the Banner Group committee that they will not be participating as they are “too busy”.

We have been left with insufficient time to arrange an alternative and it is with great regret that we have to inform all who were looking forward to this event, that it will not take place this year.

The Banner Group committee would like to make it clear that we will be going to Durham Big Meeting on Saturday 13th July with Knottingley Silver Band who are proud to march with the Deaf Hill Lodge Banner.
A free bus will leave from the Community Centre (Miners Welfare) at 8.00am and will return at 4.00pm with a free buffet at the Colliery Club.

David Chaytor, Chair, Deaf Hill Banner Group


 Footnote by Lynsey Garraghan

On behalf of Trimdon Concert Brass Band I would like to draw attention to the fact that the above statement released by Deaf Hill Banner Group is factually incorrect. Our Secretary did state that we are very busy with Brass 2013 commitments, however he did not say we were “too busy” to participate. He did ask Jim Robinson to hold off on arrangements until I returned from my holidays earlier today as I was the one who had been discussing the event by email with both Paul Connor and David Chaytor. At this point I believe Jim left the conversation and walked off stating that we should just forget about it. To the bands knowledge the format of the event had yet to be agreed, as the suggestion of playing at strategic points in the village rather than a marching parade has been made to us to avoid the necessary road blocks and subsequent costly health and safety implications Trimdon Concert Brass Band is very grateful for the support we get from the local community and we are extremely proud to take part in such events. I feel it very disappointing that statements that are not factually true are put in the public domain, given that it creates a great deal of unnecessary bad feeling and is potentially detrimental to both groups and any future working arrangements. If the Banner Group wish to contact me on the bands email address I am confident we can work together on the event, providing these inaccuracies are corrected/revoked.